"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Final Words



Season of the Wish




Riven's Lair, Dreaming City


Retrieve Riven's final egg

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Chiasmus is a mission in the Wishing All the Best quest of Season of the Wish.


  • Traverse the Lair and Slay What Lurks Within
    • Potral opened
  • Reach the next pathway
  • Reach the Catacombs Through the Portal
    • Enter the portal
  • Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room
    • Plates activated: X of 3
  • Escape Through the Portal
  • Lure out Mephitic Hosts by Defeating Scorn
    • Scorn defeated
      • X%
  • Defeat Plaguewielders by Using the Ephemeral Virus
    • Plaguewielders
      • X of 3
  • Slay the Lair's trespassers
  • Defeat Mephitic Hosts to gain the Ephemeral Virus
    • Break Plaguewielders Shields With the Ephemeral Virus
  • Retrieve the egg for Riven


Queen Mara Sov: One final egg remains. One hidden within my own court by Taranis… in a secluded chamber of starlight and potential.

Osiris: The Confluence has aligned, and our goal is in sight. To know all of our efforts are coming to fruition is… exhilarating.

Queen Mara Sov: Is that a smile I hear in your voice, Osiris? You're lucky the Guardian is of few words, lest they ruin your stoic reputation in the Tower.

Osiris: I cannot help but feel alive in this moment… though there is still much to do. It seems possible now.

Mission begins
The Guardian arrives at Riven's Lair

Riven: Of course, my final child is held captive in the queen's private wing. How ironic. How… appropriate.

Riven: Just think, if we had continued working together-with respect, with trust, as equals-we could have built so much more than this city.

The Guardian opens and enters a portal, taking them to the Crossing
The Guardian arrives at and enters a portal, taking them to the Fetid Conduit

Osiris: Do you feel it, Mara? We stand before the end.

Osiris: All that remains is to know whether we are swept away by it, or it breaks against us.

Queen Mara Sov: And to see what consequences our wish has wrought. That is where my mind rests… Let Hope stay my fears.

Osiris: Hope, yes. But also our mettle, our actions. I am confident in our heading, come what may.

Queen Mara Sov: We've spent so long holding together the pieces, Osiris. Do you worry what will come after all this.

Osiris: No. I welcome it. I'm tired Mara. I'm ready for what comes next.

Queen Mara Sov: It's all right to admit you are too.

The Guardian defeats Scorn and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Astral Cloister
Scorn appear

Osiris: Scorn have found their way into your domain. How?

Queen Mara Sov: This place is woven into the Confluence. To expose it for us, was to expose it to the enemies already within our walls.

Queen Mara Sov: And the Scorn have long been within these walls…

Osiris: Then we will remove them.

The Guardian defeats hordes of Scorn. Mephitic Hosts appear
The Guardian defeats Mephitic Hosts, obtaining the Ephemeral Virus
The Guardian breaks the Plaguewielders shields, and jumps on the Altar to rid themselves of the Virus
The Guardian kills the three Plaguewielders
A portal opens, the Guardian enters, taking them to Fetid Conduit

Queen Mara Sov: Most of these Scorn are mindless husks, raised by the Witness, but others… they bear Fikrul's touch.

Osiris: Has he resurfaced? Crow believes he fled the Shore and remains a fugitive.

Queen Mara Sov: Petra reported activity from Fikrul's Knights on Earth. They sought recruits, along with a dead Ahamkara's power.

Osiris: Knights? Strategy? Their culture deepens. Fikrul means to make a wish, then. For the Witness?

Queen Mara Sov: I think not. Their motivations are both against us, but not aligned. Something else is at play.

The Guardian defeats Scorn and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Caliginous Expanse. Scorn led by Elikaa, the Pale Rot appear, attempting to make a wish
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted

Queen Mara Sov: They're attempting to force a wish from the embryo.

Queen Mara Sov: This must not come to pass. A whim, like a venomous hatchling, knows nothing of restraint!

Osiris: Fireteam. Engage the enemy!

The Guardian defeats Mephitic Hosts, obtaining the Ephemeral Virus
The Guardian kills the Well Protector and breaks Elikaa's shield

Queen Mara Sov: Now shatter their totems! End this fool's errand.

The Guardian jumps on the Altar to rid themselves of the Virus
The Guardian defeats Elikaa
The Guardian retrieves Riven's egg

Osiris: Could that have worked? Could the Scorn have brought a wish to fruition like that?

Queen Mara Sov: No. At least… I do not believe it is possible, though I wasn't willing to see them try.

Osiris: This egg was not the first to find itself in your court. Did you intend to breed the Ahamkara again?

Queen Mara Sov: I… intended to maintain a suitable suite of options from which to choose. Nothing more.

Queen Mara Sov: Those plans were made so long ago, Osiris, and the eggs corrupted beyond healing.

Queen Mara Sov: Things are different now. Whether the Ahamkara live on is not mine to choose.

Osiris: To relinquish control is almost as frightening as trust, or hope. Sometimes, that is all we have.

Riven: And in that trust… our pact concludes. I will make your wish.

{End Mission:Chiasmus}