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The Lightblade


The Cunning

Memories of Ruin


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Reveal the Memory of the Tablets of Ruin

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Memories of Ruin is the sixth mission of the Witch Queen expansion. [1]


  • Puzzle: Rune Patterns
  • Defeat the Lucent Archivists
  • Memory


Ghost: The portal that was here before is gone. We'll have to find another way forward if we want to manifest the memory.

Ghost: The Tablet we found must be connected to how Savathûn got the Light.

The Guardian completes the puzzle. Shooting the Runes different from the others.
The entrance opens. The Guardian enters
The Guardian defeats Hive
The entrance to the Altar opens. The Guardians reveals the Memory

Savathûn: I will never be the Taken Queen. I refuse to play second fiddle to my brother Oryx.

Savathûn: When Oryx carved the Tablets of Ruin, he described the ability to create the Taken.

Savathûn: But Oryx's chisel was affected by viral power from the Deep. I studied its vermicular path. I read between the lines.

Savathûn: The Tablets hide a riddle.

Savathûn: The answer to this riddle is something greater than the power to Taken

Savathûn: It is the power of the Witness: to move worlds from one reality to another.

Savathûn: This is what I will do. I will not take. I will give. I will grant the Traveler a safe haven, away from its enemies.

Savathûn: And once it hangs in the sky of my throne world…

Savathûn: I will seal it away.

{End Mission:Memories of Ruin}


Hive - Lucent Brood



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