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Trial of Sesrih


Bay of Nessius, Sainus


Hive - Foresworn Brood
Taken - Foresworn Brood


Gain Glory and Renown against the Foresworn Brood, and please Empress Caiatl.

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Trial of Sesrih was a guardian-initiated activity that can be triggered as a Public Event on Sainus, where a team of Guardians defends a series of towers against waves of Hive. There are seven waves of increasing difficulty before teams can engage a final boss and end the event.


Found in the Bay of Nessius of Sainus, participants must trigger the Trial event by approaching and interacting with the first tower plate. The tower will extend, and the event will begin. The participants must then eliminate seven progressively harder waves of Hive enemies before facing the encounter's boss. After each incursion site the fireteam will have a chance to redeem a reward chest before continuing with the event. Most waves will include the added challenge of having to locate and disable Shadowrifts by standing within them and shooting Void crystals, similarly to the Witches Ritual public event. Certain enemies also drop Hive Cleavers, which participants may then pick up and use against remaining enemies.

Should participants run out of time to complete a wave or complete the final wave, the event will regress to the previous wave and start at that wave when activated for one minute, before resetting to the first wave. Sesrih will warn the participants a few moments before resetting the event. During the Story version of this event, there is no timer.

Trial of Sesrih features five daily-rotating final bosses, each with its own unique gameplay mechanic, similar to the Court of Oryx event from The Taken King.


  • Trial of Sesrih
    • Breeding Pit - a Pit for Spawning Hive
    • Hallowing Shrine - an Ascendant Portal leading to the nearby Hive Fortress
    • Tower of The Far Gone - a tower devoted to Nessius, The Far Gone, acts as a site of worship by Sesrih’s Brood.
    • Ascension - a Large Plaza with a summoning circle that opens to reveal a portal that unleashes the daily champion.


Commander (1 of 3)

Generic BossesEdit

These bosses appear in a set order in Levels 1 through 6 and do not have any unique mechanics tied to them.

Final BossesEdit

These bosses rotate weekly and appear at the end of Level 7, each with their own unique mechanics.


After the completion of an encounter or during it, an Anomaly encounter can occur. These are simpler battles than regular encounters, but add an extra problem to contend with.


During the Story version of this mission, the following adjustments are made, the Commander is invincible. Instead of one of the final bosses, the heroes are called into the Sanctifier where they briefly face Nessius in battle before she applauded their efforts before providing them one last test.

Fail ConditionsEdit

If any of the conditions occur the event will end and all bosses will despawn and the event will fail and all rewards will be forfeited.

  • The event will fail if the Cabal Champion is incapacitated.
  • The event will fail if the party wipes 3 times