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"I am a calming influence. I encourage her to think before she acts and not to let her emotions get the best of her."
— Ophiuchus on his relationship with Ikora

Ophiuchus is the Ghost of Ikora Rey. He and Ikora have had a fraught relationship over the decades, which only began to be repaired after Ikora reunited with Osiris on Mercury and settled her issues with him.


"It is my belief that the Traveler understood that normal people would not be enough to protect humanity. That it would take those who are extraordinary in both body and spirit. And that only by the merging of Ghost and Guardian into a single unit could this be accomplished."
— Ophiuchus

After Ikora became a student of the Vanguard Commander Osiris, Ophiuchus became acquainted with his Ghost Sagira. One day, while Ikora and Osiris were deep within their research, Ophiuchus discussed his theory about why each Ghosts bonded with their specific Guardians. He believed that each Ghost and Guardian had strengths and weaknesses that complemented each other and that each of them needed each other to survive. Sagira was skeptical, noting that she did not think that she and Osiris were soulmates, that she was not in love with him, and that he got on her nerves a lot. Ophiuchus objected that that was not what he meant and that the Traveler created Ghosts to help forge extraordinary people into the Guardians needed to help protect humanity as a single unit. His fellow Ghost pointed out she and Osiris were hardly a single unit and that they argued a lot. In response, Ophiuchus questioned why they argued. She stated that she challenged him because no one else did and that he needed that to keep grounded. Ophiuchus remarked that this relationship sounded a lot like her strength complementing his weakness. Annoyed that he had used her to prove his point, Sagira questioned how Ophiuchus complemented Ikora. He stated that she was impulsive and often acted without thinking and that he encouraged her to slow down and not let her emotions get the better of her. Sagira was incredulous, stating that all Ikora did was think, causing Ophiuchus to tell her she did not know Ikora at all.[1]

As time went on, the relationship between Ophiuchus and Ikora deteriorated further, and eventually she ceased talking to him. Ophiuchus remained by her side despite this, and eventually stopped trying to communicate with her as well, settling for observing. Sixty-one years after Ikora stopped talking to him, Ikora encountered Osiris on Mercury and mended their relationship after helping with the defeat of Panoptes, Infinite Mind. After they returned to The Last City, Ophiuchus observed Ikora as she pondered the new information they had learned about the Vex during their recent adventures and was stunned when she turned to him and asked what he thought. Stunned, Ophiuchus was uncertain what to say, and Ikora stated that they had once been friends and that she wished to know his opinion. Attempting to maintain his composure but knowing he was failing, Ophiuchus told Ikora he was happy she asked.[2]

When Didi released a play entitled "ORYX THE NIGHTMARE DADDY: One Brave Ghost Versus the Death from Outer Space" for the Ghost Community Theater, Ophiuchus watched it in a very judgmental silence. His silent opinion was included in a handbill promoting the play.[3] Ophiuchus later accompanied Ikora to Io to meet with Asher Mir, who was struggling with his Vex infection taking over increasing portions of his body. Asher yelled at Ikora for her unannounced intrusion, causing her to exchange a glance with Ophiuchus, and the rest of their interaction did not go much better.[4]

During the next Dawning, Ophiuchus objected to Ikora's protests that she did not have time to work with Eva Levante on decorations—the giant crystal for the event. He stated that the event was not "frivolous", rather that it was something people needed. Upon expressing that he understood it would be the first Dawning without Cayde-6, he was sharply cut off by Ikora asking that he stop talking and stating that she had other concerns regarding the Tangled Shore and reports from the Hidden. He began speaking again, before Ikora mentioned that she never receives word from Osiris, albeit that she had not been expecting it. Ophiuchus suggested that she contact him instead, but their conversation was cut short by Eva's arrival. After Eva convinced Ikora to create the crystal, Ophiuchus winked at her in appreciation. He worked with Ikora to create the Dawning crystal, which they brought into reality when Eva and her assistant Malia arrived again, causing the young girl to drop all the packages she was carrying. Ikora helped pick up the fallen parcels, among which was a package with Osiris' insignia which Eva gave it to Ikora before they parted ways. Ophiuchus quietly stated that he told Ikora it was important, and she acknowledged he had been correct.[5]


  • Ophiuchus is a constellation that comes from a Greek word meaning "serpent-bearer" and is often depicted as a man holding a snake.[6] The constellation is sometimes suggested as part of a 13-sign Zodiac in astrology.[7]

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