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"Just promise me one thing."
"Ghost… please…"
"Don't look back.
— Brya to Eris before her sacrifice

Brya was the Ghost of Eris Morn. Joining her Guardian on the mission to assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx, Brya sacrificed herself to ensure that Eris escaped from the Hive alive. Her remains can be found in The Gatehouse.


Brya descended into the Hellmouth alongside her Guardian. When Eris watched the Heart of Crota rip Omar Agah's Light from his body, she commanded her Ghost to record a message describing the ghastly sight they beheld.[1] Sometime after, possibly when the rest of the fireteam had already perished, Brya and Eris were confronted by a choir of Hive singing the Deathsong and chanting the names of the Hive Worm Gods. Brya encouraged Eris to ignore the chanting and run, repeating their dead comrades' names to counter the power of the Hive ritual and bolster Eris' resolve.

Although they escaped the Deathsong, they remained trapped in the Hive warrens below the surface of Luna with the Hive being able to sense their Light. Brya realised she would only betray Eris' position to the enemies, despite Eris' protests and assertions she would find a way to hide the Ghost's Light. Brya decided to draw the Hive away so that her Guardian could escape, and made Eris promise not to look back.[2]

Eris later traversed the tunnels, clinging to Brya's broken shell and an Ahamkara bone.[3] However, The Ghost's remains stayed in the Hellmouth and can be found in The Gatehouse.

Brya's loss deeply saddened Eris Morn, leaving her more determined to seek vengeance against the Hive who took everything from her. She would lament towards Crow regarding the bond formed between a Guardian and their Ghost, stating that Brya was her first friend and that her sacrifice by giving her one last life to live was her parting gift.

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