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Spire of the Watcher

Vestige of the Listener


Destiny 2



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Acheron, Callisto


Enter the ancient city and discover the source of the whispers

Whispers beckon from the Deep. Do not listen.

Vestige of the Listener is a Dungeon that was added to Destiny 2. It requires players to enter the hidden city of Acheron to investigate the origin of whispers that echo throughout the system. Guardians must battle through many layers of the city's security to pulverize the origin of the whispers.


{Loading Screen}

  • Rita: I've heard some other Ghosts mention that they and their Guardians have been hearing whispers. Unintelligible, loud screeches. If this has something to do with that Pyramid, we've got to do something about it. I've established a hold on Callisto. I'll meet you there.


The Guardians arrive on Callisto, with a Vex Gate in front of them. They will encounter Rita floating next to the gate.

  • Rita: This isn't right. We killed all of the Swarm's champions. If these whispers are truly a threat, something nefarious is going on. Luckily, I was able to set up this Vex Gate for you. It leads straight to the gate of their city, Acheron. I wish you the best of luck out there, Guardian. I'll have Vanguard units on standby, just in case.



When entering the dungeon, players will need to walk forward to see a partially functional Vex Warp Gate. Entering the gate, players will be teleported further down into Callisto's caverns. The area will resemble an open cave, with spires touching the roof. Further into the cave will be a massive door, with Sol Divisive units standing in front of it. Shooting these vex will start the first encounter.

The GateEdit

Once these vex are shot, a massive Minotaur known as Acheron's Gatekeeper will appear in front of the gate. It will constantly shoot at the players and appear immune. To get down the immunity shields, two players must go to opposite sides of the area and kill a unique Hydra, the Gatekeeper's Heart, while the third player clears the enemies and draws the boss's fire. Killing the Gatekeeper's Heart will drop a Vex Cranium. Players must pick up this Cranium and use it to damage the Pyramid Spikes that float in the air above the Gatekeeper. Once the spikes are destroyed, the Gatekeeper's shields will go down, allowing it to be damaged. After a period of 45 seconds, the Gatekeeper's shield will replenish. Players must repeat this process until the Gatekeeper is killed.

Once the Gatekeeper is killed, one player must pick up its eye, revealing an ascending jumping puzzle leading to the top of the gate. Once that player reaches the top, there will be a station waiting for them. Depositing the eye in the station will open the gate and allow the team to enter.


The gate will open and reveal a large city littered with buildings and spires, surrounding a massive Spire, led down by a staircase, guarded by Knights. Players are directed to descend the staircase and wander off to the side of it in order to reach a massive hole in the ground, leading to a tunnel. Within the tunnel, there is a variant of Cursed Thrall, the Deceptor. These thrall dig themselves into the ground, leaving only their heads exposed. Unlike normal thrall, they can change the color of their heads to appear darker, attempting to catch the players off guard if they are not paying attention.

Reaching the end of the tunnel will lead the players to a jumping puzzle; A large underground river with rocks that periodically disappear and reappear, amply named the River of Styx. Players must be careful when crossing this lake, as if one dies to the water, they will be unable to respawn until the start of the next encounter. The end of the river will lead to a doorway that can be opened by shooting the Pyramid Spike at the top.

The ForgeEdit

Entering through the door will lead the guardians to the Forge of Ekrinov with Zahkri'i floating above the usable weapon forge. When the encounter starts, Ruva'ak and Qahna'ar will appear out of two separate doors each on opposite sides of the usable forge. They are unable to be damaged by normal weapons and ability, as they will chase around players during the encounter. Two players must kill the two Soulbinder Acolytes on opposite sides of the area, while the third player must look around the forge to find one of the three molds of a hive weapon. Killing a Soulbinder Acolyte will drop its essence, allowing it to be picked up and dunking it inside of its respective station, charging up the weapon forge. The third player must deposit the weapon mold into to forge to craft one of three relic weapons; A Soulfire Rifle, a Hive Shield, or an Ascendant Blade. Once the weapon is crafted, one player will pick it up and kill the Shieldweaver Wizards that float above, lowering one of Zahkri'i's shields. The relic will disappear and the process must be redone 3 times until all weapons are crafted. When all Shieldweavers are killed, Zahkri'i will become mobile and be able to take damage from the relics. Killing Zahkri'i and his brothers will finish the encounter.

Cavern of the NavigatorEdit


  • Acheron's Gatekeeper
  • Ruva'ak, Sun Eater
  • Qahna'ar, Moon Drinker
  • Zahkri'i, Land Splitter
  • Callisto Champion (Gatekeeper's Talons Quest)
  • Sotrec, the Beast
  • Malvarune, the Whisperer

Unique EnemiesEdit

  • Gatekeeper's Heart
  • Soulbinder Acolyte
  • Shieldweaver
  • Imitation of Sotrec
  • Blightborn
  • Navigator's Key
  • Spine of the Whisperer




Lost FragmentsEdit

Within the Dungeon, there are 12 collectable objects that, when interacted with, will give dialogue to the players. There are 10 claws and 2 eyes, seemingly belonging to Malvarune. These collectables tell of Malvarune's life on Callisto, as well as the messages he received from the Black Nomad in the form of whispers.

Claw 1Edit

  • Malvarune: One must have patience in the efforts of the subjugator. Not every thought must become an action. Impulse, my friend. I will guide our people to a new age, where the sky lives no more. They tell me of great potential, that which resides in you, young one. You'll see it one day, I'm sure of it. Now, you must be hungry. Please, take all of the worms you'd like. Soon enough, we won't be needing them, young Ekrinov.

Claw 2Edit

  • Malvarune: Foolish Sotrec, your blade is dull. To sever the head of that beast from its body will require a strong determination. Did he not teach you that? Say, I've met a new friend. One with a knack for creation, a hand for craft. His name is Ekrinov. To strengthen your blade, I recommend you go see him. To sharpen your mind, I suggest you attune with the whispers, for they will shape you into an impenetrable fortress.

Claw 3Edit

  • Malvarune: Nevertheless, my teeth ache for blood. The worthless Thrall eat each other alive, consuming their bones, even taking their worms. I long for the grace of the Dreadnaught. Without the King, I feel worthless. Everyone looks to me for the answer, but I don't know what to say. I'm hungry, this worm is killing me. Will you quench my thirst, oh great savior? I thought so. It seems like I'll have to feed it myself. Fine then, no more hunger, no more thirst. I will fix this, even if you won't help.

Claw 4Edit

  • Malvarune: It was Eir who birthed my worm. Given to me like a blade of one's ancestor, I still remember that moment to this day. Whether mischievous, malicious, or good-spirited, I took the worm, now look where I am. The King is gone, his killers haven't taken his place. Maybe there's someone who should... Not now, this worm is driving me insane. And as much as I want to get rid of it, to rend its flesh and bone into dust and blood, I can't. It's given me so much power, but has taken more than I can imagine. If only she were here... No, I can't think about her. I left for a reason. I will solve this, one way or another.

Claw 5Edit

  • Malvarune: He told me to do it. I took the Acolyte's worm, and replaced it with the crux. It almost worked, it was alive, but the Acolyte ended itself. I'll figure it out soon enough. In the future, we won't even need worms. Well, they won't, anyway. Sotrec's been gone for a while, I wonder where he is. Isolation isn't treating me well, and neither is this worm. As much as i don't want to say it, I miss Meldarin. Is she still on the Dreadnaught, or did those devils get her too? I bet you won't tell me... Figured so. Why do you even talk to me? I don't even know who you are, and you don't even know me... Shut up. I... I can't do this... Leave me alone... Shut the hell up!

Claw 6Edit

  • Malvarune: I've been thinking a lot recently. With the city built, and the forge constructed, I finally have some time where I'm not being bothered. There's something that has always been in the back of my mind, sitting. A way to breach past the limitations of the physical form, but a need for reality to exist on a plane of existence where I am not present. To split the mind of a single entity, and encase them into two different shapes. Two places, at the same time, on different fronts of reality. I'll think it over. I should just enjoy my time here, alone. It's been nice without the whispers for a few days.