Clash of the Hive Gods

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Skirmish of Titan


Hunt for Riven's Clutch

Clash of the Hive Gods
Clash of the Hive Gods.jpg


War against the Witness


Court of Savathûn


  • Temporary deal reached between the Vanguard and Immaru
    • Immaru agrees to help the Vanguard find a way through the Witness portal in exchange for the Guardians' help against Xivu Arath
    • To counter Xivu Arath as an equal, Eris Morn performs a ritual and transforms into a Hive God
      • To increase the power of Eris through the Sword Logic the Guardians are tasked with eliminating the prisoners of Savathûn and using the power of the Light collected in the Throne world.
      • Eris forms a connection with Ahsa to manage the tithes and share their burden
  • Xivu Arath and her forces's attempts at infiltrating Savathûn's Throne World and stealing Eris Morn's tribute are thwarted
  • Savathûn is resurrected by Immaru as agreed
    • Eris kills Savathûn and gathers an immense amount of tribute
      • Thanks to this and the tithes that the Guardians gathered, Eris momentarily becomes stronger than Xivu Arath and uses the power of the tithes to sever her connection to her Throne World, making her mortal.
    • Savathûn is resurrected by Immaru again and is able to escape
      • Immaru is left behind in Vanguard custody as a peace offering from Savathûn
  • Savathûn's heirloom is uncovered from the Imbaru Engine, revealed to be a pure Ahamkara egg.
    • The Guardian discovers a clue on Savathun's wing leading to the final wish.


Forces of Savathûn



Savathûn's Prisoners



Forces of Savathûn:

Lucent Brood:

Xivu Arath's Horde:

Sol Collective:


The Dread and Taken:

  • Countless Hive
  • Thousands of Wrathborn
  • Countless Vex platforms

  • Countless Scorn

  • Countless Taken
  • Thousands of Hive
  • Dozens of Hive Lightbearers
  • Xivu Arath’s banishment from her throne world
  • The Leviathan-Eater
  • Thousands of Hive
  • Thousands of Wrathborn
  • Hundreds of Vex platforms

  • Thousands of Scorn

  • Hundreds of Taken

— Xivu Arath

The Clash of the Hive Gods is a confrontation between the Vanguard, the forces loyal to Xivu Arath, and the Lucent Hive. After Ahsa revealed Savathûn was needed to find a way through the portal inside The Traveler created by The Witness, the Vanguard hesitated, worried that Savathûn might find a way to use them and trick them again, much like she did years prior when she disguised herself as Osiris. After sometime, an agreement was made with Immaru, the ghost of Savathûn, that they would aid the Vanguard in finding a way through the portal, on one condition: they deal with Savathûn's sister Xivu Arath. To challenge Xivu Arath, Eris Morn would transform herself into the Hive God of Vengeance and have the Guardian manipulate the Sword Logic to bring her tithes.


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