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Lion's Pride
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Production overview


Joskaa, Lion Kell


Modified Shock Pistol (inferred)
Mini Shrapnel Launcher (speculated)
Fallen Hand Cannon

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Hand Cannon

Min-max magazine:





Service history

In service:

Dregs (rarely)
Joskaa, Lion Kell


House of Lions


"Pride alone can get you anywhere, a Lion's Pride...well it's stronger than any pride."

Lion's Pride is a Hand cannon, created by Joskaa, Lion Kell, during the Gray Wars. it later went active again by the Guardians.

D1 PerksEdit

  • Selectable Perk 1
    • SteadyHand IS: Stable sight. Optimized for excellent recoil control.
    • SureShot IS: Snapshot sight. Excellent handling. Superb target acquisition.
    • QuickDraw IS: Agile sight. Lightning-fast handling.
  • Intrinsic Perk 1:
    • Army of One: Quick unassisted kills with this weapon reduce grenade and melee cooldown.
  • Intrinsic Perk 2:
    • Luck in the Chamber: One Random Bullet in the Magazine causes considerable bonus damage.
  • Selectable Perk 2:
    • Hand Loaded: This weapon is effective at an extended range.
    • High Caliber Rounds: Oversize rounds built to stagger targets and leave them reeling. Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.
    • Extended Mag: A larger magazine.
    • Explosive Rounds: Volatile payload explodes on impact, dealing a portion of the weapon's damage in an area.
  • Random Perk 1:
    • Demotion: This weapon has a chance to stun Fallen Captains.
    • Disciplinarian: This weapon deals a small amount of bonus damage to Fallen enemies.
    • Dreg Burn: This weapon deals moderate bonus damage to Fallen Dregs.
    • Shank Burn: This weapon deals moderate bonus damage to Fallen Shanks.
    • Mutineer: This weapon has a chance of suppressing a Fallen Captain's abilities.
    • Vandal Burn: This weapon deals moderate bonus damage to Fallen Vandals.
  • Exotic Perk
    • Pride: Chained Precision shot refills your melee

Destiny 2 PerksEdit

Exotic PerkEdit

  • Lions' Maw: Two Precision kills makes the next shots more knock-back and causes more damage.

Stat ModifiersEdit

  • Crossfire HCS: Sharp Hand Cannon Sight.
  • Explosive Payload: Projectile creates an area-of-effect detonation on impact
  • Heavy Grip: This grip is weighted for recoil control. Increases stability. Decreases handling speed.

Special perkEdit

  • Eliksni Strength: Four chained body shots causes the user to be more resilient and more agile.

Masterwork PerkEdit

  • Kell's Wrath: Increases the duration and damage to Lions' Maw and Eliksni Strength. The Fire becomes blue.

Weapon ornamentsEdit

  • Kell's Selected: Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of Lion's Pride.
  • Gray Slayer: Equip this Weapon Ornament to change the appearance of Lion's Pride.



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