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"I should never have let it come to this. Now each arrow is a penance."
— Lisbon-13

Lisbon-13 was a Hunter and a member of the Kentarch 3, a fireteam of Guardians who entered the Black Garden. He came to regret his fireteam's actions in pursuit of power and sought penance for their deeds.[1]


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In Lisbon's past life, prior to being resurrected as a Guardian, he had been killed thirteen times by Clovis Bray, to "keep him in check". [2]

As a Guardian, he was a member of the Kentarch 3 alongside Rekkana and Yardarm-4; with Rekkana being the person whom he trusted the most out of the team, if not the only one. This trust presented itself in him being present in secret conversations between Rekkana and the Sybil during their expedition in the Black Garden, as well as in being given the chance to wield Divinity by her once the transmission had ended [3]. He's also the more observant and perceptive member of the team, as he was the first to take notice of the voice from an unknown source talking to them whilst they were resting [4], which led to them getting their access to the Light cut off [5].

Despite getting the new powers, Lisbon-13 was the only one who did not use them - contrary to Yardarm-4, who completely embraced his powers and unsuccessfully tried to persuade the Hunter to do so as well. This difference of opinion led to the fallout of the fireteam, ending with a battle between a joined force of Rekkana and Yardarm-4 against Lisbon-13, who realized that the mysterious power wouldn't be able to grant him what he most desired, but only take it away. It is implied that he shot Rekkana with Divinity during the fight [6]. Lisbon-13, wanting the memory of the events to die with him, attempted to kill his Ghost Piri to commit suicide, but was convinced to keep living by the entity that gave his fireteam their powers. At Lisbon's request, the entity also removed his memories of what had happened.[7]

He now serves as a member of The Hidden, gathering information about Savathun's Throne World; more specifically, the Altars of Reflection [8].

After a fireteam of Guardians stopped the Lucent Brood's mass ritual to resurrect Oryx's corpse on Titan's sea floor, Lisbon ventured to the site of the Taken King's corpse alongside Fenchurch Everis and Chalco Yong, to inspect and recover it.

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