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Ascendancy Command Fleetbase


Bay of Nessius, Sainus

Enemy factions:

Imperial Cabal
Red Legion
House of Salvation

Connecting areas:

Trial of Sesrih
VIP Landing Pad IX


Area type:


Public Events:

Cabal Excavation
Crux Convergence
Ether Resupply

Patrol beacons:



Ascendancy Command Fleetbase is a Red Legion/Imperial Cabal base located on the outskirts of the Bay of Nessius on Sainus.


The Ascendancy Command Fleetbase is the center of the Legion's operations within on Sainus, and a construction site for Cabal Weapons.


At the Fleetbase participants can participate in Patrols to help take control of the area and resupply. Along with Patrols, occasionally the Fallen and Cabal will skirmish near the base's exterior located near the eastern side of the base. Occasionally, a Prime Ether Servitor will transmat in along with a small party of Fallen under the Base's main cannon to extract ether from the area to feed to its crew, this can be interfered by players by destroying the Servitor or let it run its course as the Cabal in the area rarely go near the Servitor or its crew. Along with the Ether Resupply Public Event, the Fallen also can begin a Crux Convergence Public Event where they attempt to establish a foothold at the base. As with the Ether Resupply event, the Guardians can either interfere and kill the Fallen crew attempting this event or let it finish on its own.

Public EventsEdit

World Events


  • All Cabal in this area are not hostile to the heroes but attack the House Salvation Fallen indiscriminately.
  • Somehow House of Salvation are able to launch small attacks on Sainus despite the massive the fleet above the planet. Though this can be attributed to the maneuverability of Fallen Ketchs.