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Vais, Hunter Splicer
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Vais, Hunter Splicer is the leader of the Splicers of the House of Hunters and the third boss of the House of Hunters Raid.


Vais is a powerful Fallen Splicer that is capable of creating almost anything he wants. He is responsible for the creation of Diskar, Sevis Prevail, Sevis Prime, and the Infused Walker. He is also responsible for the modifications he has made to his own body.


Vais will start floating in the middle of a large circular room. Players must activate four consoles in the room to start the encounter. When the encounter begins, he will reach out and a staff will appear in his hand. He will chase players around the room and attempt to hit them with the staff.

Every 20 seconds, Vais will summon a Shock Captain that must be killed within 30 seconds of it spawning, or it will disappear. Players need to kill six Shock Captains, and every player needs a Shock Cannon. Every player's Shock Cannon will have 20 shots except for one player who gets 2.

To begin the damage phase, players will need to shoot six glowing crystals in the room twice, and the crystals need to be destroyed within seven seconds of each other, or Vais will use his wipe mechanic. Once the crystals are destroyed, he will begin floating in the middle of the room and he will have Arc energy pulsing out from his body, making it so players have to stand away from him. The only way he can be damaged is with the Shock Cannons, and the player who longer has one must clear the ads that spawn around the room.

When Vais loses a third of his health he will switch to four large Shock Blades and he will smash them into the ground every 40 seconds, sending Arc energy around the room. The only way to not get hit by the Arc energy is to jump over it, or stand on something elevated from the ground. Players will then repeat the steps to initiate another damage phase.

When Vais has a third of his health left, he will switch to four arm-mounted Shock Cannons. Instead of chasing players around he will stay in the centre of the room. If players do not kill Vais within three damage phases he will use his wipe mechanic.


  • Vais is one of the members of the House of Hunters that does not seem to be able to speak english, unlike Kaephis and Rhetiks.

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