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Biographical information


The Dread
Weavers of Sorrow




Shin'ra, the Forge Master


Brute enforcer

Combat information


CorruptionS.png Dread Axe


High durability
Quick Teleport
Summon Taken
Summon Hive
CorruptionS.png Corruption blast
CorruptionS.png Corruption Flurry
CorruptionS.png Grasp of Malice
CorruptionS.png Lingering Corruption


"Made in the image of Darkblades and their progenitor, Shin'ra."

Templars are powerful Hive Darkblades, transmogrified and commanded by the Witness, its Disciples and allies; created by the newly risen Disciple Shin'ra. They are made in the image of Shin'ra, being the progenitor of Darkblades and wield the Paracausal power of Corruption.




Templars will act similarly to their Darkblade progenitors, slowly advancing towards their targets with their massive axes. When slamming their axe into the ground, they will leave a pool of Corruption upon impact and will last a total of ten seconds before it dissipates. Another attack of theirs includes spinning their axe into the air and flinging more Corruption pools around the area.

Similar to the Tormentors, only their shoulders will be damageable and every other part of their bodies is immune to all damage apart from supers.

When their shoulder weak points are broken, the Templar's helmets will fall off and their chest weak point will reveal itself. In this enraged state, their moments are faster and they leave a trail of Corruption in their path. While keeping the other previous abilities they have, the Templars are given a new ability as instead of slamming their axe onto the ground, they will grab targets and begin to drain them, when fighting against Guardians, they will drain their grenade, melee and class energies.

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