Font of Starlight
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Dreaming City, Reef

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Divalian Mists

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The Font of Starlight is a location within the Reef's Dreaming City. It is a large temple built within a mountain that contains a powerful Awoken device, the Blind Well.


When the Dreaming City was opened to Vanguard forces to deal with the Taken infestation, a group of Guardians came upon the Font of Starlight and activated the Blind Well, attracting enemy forces. Numerous battles were fought here to defend the Well while it charged.

Years later, after the return of Mara Sov, the Font would be visited again, with Guardians seeking to use the Well to conduct Astral Alignments. Powerful Scorn and Taken champions aligned with Xivu Arath, God of War responded to the provocation, attacking the Guardians with their forces.

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