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"Normally that would just be a minor inconvenience, except that during the Collapse, the Darkness chewed up large reaches of Mars so bad that Light can't burn there, in the same way that fire can't burn in space. So here I am in a Darkness Zone, bleeding out, my Ghost panicking because he can't do anything to save me, and five angry Cabal ready to throw down."
— Unidentified Guardian describing the nature of Darkness Zones[1]

Darkness Zones are areas that Guardians encounter that separate public and private spaces. Guardians that playing story missions or strikes will begin in a public area, and may encounter other Guardians. However, once they enter a Darkness Zone, which is only accessible during that mission, they will be separated from randomly encountered Guardians. Guardians that are part of the player's fireteam will come with them. [2]

Entering a Darkness Zone is especially hazardous; not only are players separated from anyone outside of their fireteam, but respawning is also restricted. If a solo player is killed, or an entire fireteam has been wiped, Darkness consumes the player(s) and they will have to start over at the nearest checkpoint. However, so long as one member of a fireteam is still alive, it is possible to revive and respawn players. In Destiny 2, the Darkness Zones are called 'Restricted Zones, but its function remains the same as it was in Destiny 1 except for Raids, Dungeons, and activities featuring the Limited Revives modifier.[3] In Beyond Light onwards, Guardians are able to use powers tied to the Darkness, but they can still fall in a Restricted Zone.

Respawn RestrictionsEdit

Respawn restrictions depends on what situation the player is in.

  • No Restrictions: The player can revive themselves after three seconds, or by any nearby friendly players.
  • Normal: If the whole party is dead, after three seconds the mission ends in failure and the team is reset to the last checkpoint, unless someone revives in those three seconds. If the player is in a team, any living teammate can revive them, or they can wait 30 seconds to revive themselves.
  • Heroic Strike (D1): Players cannot revive themselves (except for Sunsingers). They must be revived by a teammate.
  • Nightfall Strike (D1): Players cannot revive themselves (except for Sunsingers). They must be revived by a teammate. If the whole party is dead, the team has to start the mission over from the beginning.
  • Nightfalls (D2): Players must wait a certain amount of time before they can revived by a teammate or wait an additional amount of time to revive themselves
  • Raids, Normal Mode: During a raid encounter, players cannot revive themselves (except for Sunsingers). Teammates cannot revive players until 30 seconds later. In Destiny 2, the teammate can be revived immediately, but revives also are limited to one per teammate. Before the Forsaken expansion released, a 30 second timer started ticking down on a teammates death, which when it reached 0 caused all other living teammates to die to "Shared Fate", but this timer was reset once all teammates were alive. After the release of the expansion, if a teammate dies, a 2 minute and 30 second timer starts ticking down. If the timer reaches 0, all living teammates die to "Shared Fate", and the timer does not refresh after everyone is alive, instead just pausing until a teammate dies again, thus making subsequent revival efforts have less time available before being killed by "Shared Fate".
  • Raids, Hard Mode: During a raid encounter, players cannot be revived at all (except for Sunsingers) unless the team progresses to the next checkpoint. In Destiny 2, the revive restrictions are the same as Normal Mode, but when you die, you lose your revive token.
  • Dungeons: Most Dungeon encounters will have a Restricted Zone throughout the activity.
  • Limited Revives: This modifier is only active in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, as well as Grandmaster Nightfalls. All players in the fireteam will be in a Restricted Zone with a limited amount of revives. If the player has 0 revives left or when the time limit is reached, they will be unable to be revived again for the duration of the activity. Defeating Champions within the time limit will earn an additional revive.

Note that Arena challenges have the same restrictions as normal mode Raids.

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