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"This was our world, our Solar System. We were here first. And no matter what The Darkness brings, we will be here at the dawn."
—Grimoire description
(Homo sapiens)
Human Concept.png

Focal world(s):


Average lifespan:

Approx. 250 years (during the Golden Age)[1]

Notable groups:

Iron Lords

Notable individuals:

Jacob Hardy
Saladin Forge
Maya Sundaresh


Humans (Latin: Homo sapiens, meaning "wise man") are a sapient species native to the planet Earth. Humans take a no-nonsense approach, a tough and stern outlook with a view to rebuilding civilization as quickly as possible.[2]


With the coming of the Traveler, humanity entered a Golden Age, with much of the Solar System being colonized. Medical and technological advances allowed humans to live three times as long,[1] as well as create a sapient race of machines called the Exo. The Golden Age did not last, however, as humanity was attacked by the Darkness, which decimated their species until almost all human settlements were completely destroyed. The last human remnants were saved by the Traveler, which sacrificed itself to stop this enemy. After the sacrifice of the Traveler, humanity began to re-explore its old empire, creating a city beneath its resting place.[3]

700 years after the Collapse, humanity was in the process of reclaiming their past empire, with the Last City as the base of the remnants of their civilization. This city is constantly under siege from various races, primarily the Fallen and the Hive, who appear to have also made it their goal to claim humanity's now lost empire and fight humanity for dominance of Earth and the Solar System.[4]

Known Humans[edit]


During the golden age, humanity's technological achievement had been high. Interplanetary travel was used frequently, creating an empire throughout the Solar system.

Approximately seven hundred years[5] after the end of the Golden Age, humanity appears to have reclaimed some, if not the entirety of, their former technological prowess, albeit at a smaller scale.[3]


In terms of player design, Bungie drew its inspiration for humans from military, sports stars, and action movie heroes.


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