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Guardians, protectors of humanity.

The Guardians are a group of protectors tasked with the protection of the City from outside threats. Equipped with an advanced arsenal of weaponry and vehicles, as well as the ability to channel the Traveler's power (referred to by some as "magic"),[1] Guardians traverse the solar system in individual starships capable of interplanetary travel. These ships can vary in size and firepower and can be modified for specific purposes. Among other missions, their priority is to combat the malicious alien races that came to inhabit the solar system between the time that humanity was pushed back to Earth and when they began to take to the stars again.

There are three known classes of Guardian: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. Hunters are believed to utilize swiftness, accuracy, and possibly stealth. It has also been alluded to that Hunters are more of a sniper class. Warlocks can use the power of the Traveler, as shown by their three abilities, and Titans are believed to be able to both take and deal massive ammounts of damage. [2] The Guardians include members of the human, Awoken and Exo races, and can be either male or female.

Guardians have 4 confirmed statistics: Energy, Shields, Agility and Discipline.[3] The exact nature of these stats, and their effect on gameplay, is unknown at this time.





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