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Guardians, protectors of humanity.

The Guardians are a group of protectors tasked with the protection of the City from outside threats.


The Guardians' origins stem back to that of the City itself, in the wars that followed the Collapse.[1] Guardians of the present are chosen from the ranks of ancient dead by the Ghosts of the Traveler,[2] and have defended the City for centuries. However, that defense cannot hold out forever.[3]

Guardians are equipped with an advanced arsenal of weaponry and vehicles, as well as the ability to channel the Traveler's power (referred to by some as "magic").[4] It is said that Guardians rarely speak.[5]


There are three known classes of Guardian: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. Hunters utilize swiftness, accuracy, and stealth. Warlocks have the least amount of armor but the fastest regeneration, and utilize a variety of projectile attacks in their abilities. Titans are able to both take and deal massive amounts of damage, prioritizing either one depending on their subclass. [6] Titans emphasize armor and raw power, while warlocks emphasize the use of their magical abilities and agility. Hunters fall in between both classes.[7] The Guardians include members of the human, Awoken and Exo races, and can be either male or female.

While the choice of race is mostly aesthetic, the choice of class will have more impact. Note that all three classes have access to the same weapons, and are not "locked in" to any particular role. However, each class can specialize in a particular direction depending on which subclass the player is using. Choice of subclass will determine what Super the player can use, as well as what bonuses and other lesser abilities they'll have access to. Subclasses can be leveled up and switched on the fly, allowing a single character a degree of flexibility for different combat scenarios.

Guardians have three base stats determined by their choice of subclass: Armor (shield strength), Agility (movement speed and jump height), and Recovery (regeneration speed). Defense is a separate stat from Armor, which is how much damage is taken from enemy weapons, and is determined by the combined rating of the armor equipped. There are also four extra stats that can be upgraded by choice of equipment: Strength (melee cooldown), Discipline (grenade cooldown), Intellect (Super cooldown), and Light (damage dealt against higher-level enemies).

Guardian progression is "soft-capped" at level 20. By then, the player can no longer gain any levels with experience. However, increasing a player's Light stat will gain them more levels, and continuing to earn experience will grant the player Motes of Light.


In Destiny, the player will be able to customize their Guardian's head, chest, arms and legs. The helmet is also customizable with various "gears". Guardian customisation also includes clothing such as robes and capes. [8] The software for editing Guardians is called Mash Up.[9]





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