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"Ask yourself: what threatened your Golden Age ancestors so much that they constructed the Exos to defend themselves?"
Grimoire Description

Focal world(s):



Multicolored eyes
Metal body

Average lifespan:

Indefinite (in theory)

Notable individuals:

Exo Stranger


The Exo are a race of humanoid machines living in the City.[1]


They are self-aware machines built during humanity's Golden Age[2] for a long forgotten struggle,[3] with the purpose of protecting their creators.[4] The conflict itself has long been forgotten and the Exo are ciphers, even to themselves, for their purpose has been forgotten as well.[3] There is one clue to their origin, though; many Exo experience a dream they call Deep Stone Crypt, the "place where they were born."[5] It is described as "the infamous subroutine which seeded the first Exo consciousness."[6] Cayde-6's memories stretch further, where he recalls being a human before traveling to Europa to become an Exo, as he "came there in flesh and bone. Gave everything to the ice. Started over. Rebooted."[7]

Exos appear unyielding and tireless.[2] Mechanically, Exos are so advanced that only a Ghost can comprehend their inner workings. Whoever built the Exos fashioned them in humanity's image, gifting them with diversity of mind and body. In many ways, Exos think of themselves as human, or having human minds in machine bodies.[8] Many of the City's Exo citizens work and live aside their organic brethren. But others fight again, re-forged in the Light of the Traveler to serve as Guardians.[3]

Every Exo has a number appended to their name. The meaning of this number is unknown, but may possibly signify how many times an Exo has had its memory wiped.[9] Not all wipes are successful in completely removing past memories, though, especially for Guardians.[7]

Known Exos[edit]


  • During their presentation at the 2013 Game Developers Conference, Jason Staten and Christopher Barrett revealed the Exo as a playable race and described them as being "sinister, powerful, and tireless war machines".[10]
  • Exos were stated to be emotionless in a preview.[11] Game interactions appear to contradict this.[12]


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