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Concordat logos and banners at Bannerfall

The Concordat was a Guardian faction and member of the Consensus, led by an individual named Lysander. While the Concordat's central ideology is unknown, at some point the faction unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the Consensus and the Speaker in a coup. The Concordat made its last stand at Bannerfall, where it was defeated by New Monarchy Guardians and ejected from the Last City.[1]

It was believed that Lysander would refuse the call to disband his faction and continue his "crusade". In order to avoid banishing those Guardians who had pledged to the Concordat and provide them a chance to realign, as well as assuage the Speaker's anxiety to reclaim ground lost in the Battle of Twilight Gap, the Consensus decided to grant Future War Cult access to the Tower and a seat among them.[2]

According to Hidden intelligence, and rumours of Tower sympathizers, Lysander is currently plotting his return and reorganizing his faction.[3]

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