The Tablet of Ruin from the Lightblade Strike

"Auryx the First Navigator set upon his god with his sword and his words, and cut Akka to pieces, and took from those pieces the secret of calling upon the Deep. He wrote this secret on a set of tablets, which he called the Tablets of Ruin. And he wore them about his waist.."
— Books of Sorrow #XXVIII — King of Shapes — Verse 3:8

The Tablets of Ruin are a series of Hive artifacts created by Oryx, the Taken King as a means to commune with the Witness in order to learn how to take.[1][2] The Tablets were sought after by many Hive, including the likes of Savathûn and Xivu Arath[3], even at one point, Oryx had placed one of the Tablets with Golgoroth to keep it away from his own son.[4] At and unknown point following the demise of the Taken King, Savathûn would find one of the Tablets and place it within her throne world and kept it under guard by Alak-Hul, the Lightblade following their resurrections.[5]

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