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Skolas, the Corrupted Kell
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Taken Captain





Combat information


The Corrupted Kell


Taken Scorch Cannon


Blindness Effect
Initial Immunity
Darkness Bolt
Frenzy Shield Links
Consumed Debuff
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Taken
Ultra Smash



This boss is not supposed to take place in Destiny itself. This was just an idea to see what would happen if Skolas was Taken.


During the events of the Reef Wars, Skolas was Taken and became Skolas, the Corrupted Kell along with his House of Wolves effectively causing the House of Wolves to go extinct. Taken Skolas launched an assault on The Reef to take out one of the city's top supporters to weaken it's defenses. Variks calls The Guardian to the Reef to stop Skolas and wedge the remaining Taken out of the Reef. The Guardian succeeds and not only stops the Reef Wars by killing Skolas, but ended the twisted experiments Variks and his followers were inflicting on their prisoners.


Skolas is encountered on a mission and is found in the Taken Fallen arena and once Skolas notices the Guardian he warps away and the encounter begins. Skolas will begin on the back left side and will begin to fire his Taken Scorch Cannon which if you get hit by directly you'll be blinded for 2 seconds. He'll summon Taken Fallen and will be almost entirely immune to all attacks until he summons a Taken Dreg called Frenzy, defeat it to weaken Skolas for 30 seconds and he'll do less damage and you'll do more to him. Once the 30 seconds are up Skolas will regain his shield and he'll summon another Frenzy. Repeat this until the message pops up saying Skolas' Bond Was Shattered. This will be the point were you will no longer have to kill Frenzies and he'll teleport out of the arena. Upon him doing this, the player will be inflicted with the debuff called Consumed which will kill the player if they don't leave the arena and go to the Taken Hive arena in 30 seconds. When you reach the Hive arena Skolas will appear at the boss spawn point and will attack the player and summon Taken Hive and Fallen. Occasionally Skolas will activate the Comsumed debuff and will spawn a Light Eater Ogre. If you don't kill the Ogre and activate it's bomb in 30 seconds, you will die. Luckily, the bomb doesn't hurt or kill the player upon detonation and will stun Skolas for 15 seconds. Repeat this process and eventually you will emerge victorious.