Agrisector 24-A, Freehold

Agrisector 24-A, Freehold



Hostile races:

Imperial Cabal's Red Legion

Connecting areas:

The Lure


Agrisector 24-A, Freehold is a location on Mars, near the planet's Cradle. When the planet was returned from The Witness's grasp, the area was covered in temporal instabilities that showed a glimpse of the Golden Age's crop fields.


Red Legion auxiliaries of the Imperial Cabal started building a massive siege cannon to attack The Lure, Savathûn, the Witch Queen's flagship, which had started hovering in the area's skies. Unfortunately, they came to blows with The Guardian when they passed through the camp to assault the ship. Nonetheless, the Lightbearer managed to commandeer the cannon to launch themselves onto the ship, bypassing the Cabal's aerial blockade.

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  • In Tharsis Junction mission, it is said that the trains lead to many places on mars including the North Pole where the Cradle is. That would show that the Witch Queen Mission puts the characters at the north pole.
  • Agrisector 24-A, Freehold has the name of Freehold city, it is unclear if this area is part of the city itself or if it is the suburban areas like any major city.