Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo

Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo
Destiny of Fighters Super Turbo.png

''Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo'' gameplay.
Destiny of Fighters: Super Turbo is a retro-style fighting game created in January of 2018, during the annual Bungie "Carnival" event. Carnivals are an annual week-long game jam held internally at Bungie in which developers are able to form teams and experiment with fun ideas for gameplay.[1]

Destiny of Fighters originated in the 2018 Carnival event, in which a team of employees including UI designer David Candland worked to create a "functional but cheesey, over-the-top, retro style" fighting game in the Destiny 2 engine. The prototype was worked on for four days and presented on the fifth, and features rough gameplay, animation and sound work - using the Ikora Rey and Shaxx models for player characters. All user interface implementation was done by Candland.[1]