Heyo, I go by WarlockMania. I am(Obviously) a warlock but also used to be a hunter. I’m pretty good at Destiny but don’t grind much. I’m Elite in the game. I am a big fan of Destiny but I also like Helldivers 2, COD, Last of Us, Half Life, Fallout, Lethal Company, and my other favorite that isn’t Destiny, Titanfall 2. In Titanfall 2 I’ve regenerated at least 5 times. I essentially only do small edits and fan fiction. If you want to do a fan fiction collaboration, simply message me. My favorite weapons are Le Monarque and any other bows. If you want to join my sandbox wiki where I just post a bunch of my random ideas about a video game, check out: [Wiki], search up ShadowWorks(Game) to get you started.

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