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Ur, the Ever-Hunger
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Spawn of Xita, the Nurturing Worm


"Ur yearns for nurture. It does so through hunger."
Xita, the Nurturing Worm

Ur, the Ever-Hunger[1] is one of the five Worm Gods, ancient paracausal creatures are second only to the Deep itself in the hierarchy of the Hive's pantheon.[2]


The Ancient PastEdit

Billions of years ago, Ur and the other Worm Gods - Eir, Xol, Akka, Yul, and their mother Xita - were imprisoned within the depths of the gas giant world Fundament. For eons, they called out life across the stars to Fundament in hopes for a chance of escape. After millions of years, they were visited by Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness, who struck a bargain with Xita to subjugate the Worms into servitude of the Witness in exchange for a race of hosts to feed upon. Xita was taken aboard Rhulk's Pyramid, while her five worm-kin were left behind in the depths to await the sustenance Rhulk promised in the form of a primitive race known as the Krill.

Eventually, Ur and the other Worm Gods were visited by three siblings of Krill royalty, Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro, who agreed to be implanted with the Worm Gods' larvae, gaining paracausal power and immortality while feeding the Worm Gods with tribute gained from fulfillment of their natures. This pact marked the birth of the Hive, who would go on to wreak carnage across the universe in the name of their gods.

At some point, Ur overheard Savathûn's scheme to alter the source of her tribute from destruction to the application of cunning, and was pleased by her plan.[3]

When confronted by Guardians, the Brood Queen In Anânh would call upon Ur to create a shade of herself.


  • Ur was the name of a Sumerian city-state, where Abraham, a major figure in Christianity and Judaism had made pilgrimage from as an order from God.
    • However the connection, if any, is unconfirmed.
  • When In Anânh transforms into a Shade during the Broodhold strike, Guardians are given the warning that In Anânh reaches out to Ur, the Ever-Hunger..., implying that she worships the Worm God in some way.
  • Ur does not have a confirmed gender as the only times a gender could be given to Ur, instead 'It' is used. Whether this means Ur does not have a gender or simply no one refers to it with one is unknown.

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