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Clovis Bray

I just think we're acting a little too confident in our own firepower.

Una-8 was a Exo who worked at the Eventide colony on Europa.


While working with Anjoli-7, Una asked her if she thought if Clovis Bray I had any clue as to what he was doing with the Glassway. Anjoli warned her that Clovis I was just down the hall, but Una dismissed her concern and noted that he barely heard them when they were in the same room together. Her coworker was concerned that the Vex components they worked with might still be transmitting data. Una was skeptical, reminding her that they had shot them to pieces and drained their radiolaria. Una was more concerned with the Vex they had yet to see, suggesting that the Vex might have more powerful platforms in reserve and worried that they were all getting too confidant in their own firepower.[1]

Una was later assigned to tend to Clovis I as his human body failed due to disease and he prepared to upload himself to an Exo form. She was surprised when Dr.Elisabeth Bray entered Clovis I's room looking injured and demanded that she wake Clovis I up. Una was confused, as Clovis I was practically dead, and asked if Elsie was ok. Her concern was ignored and Elsie ordered her once more to awaken him, and Una quickly did so due to Elsie's tone. Despite her distaste for Clovis I, Una found it troubling to bother him on his deathbed like this. However, her concern quickly shifted as Elsie revealed to him that the Vex had overrun the forces stationed at the Glassway and were invading the moon. Una cleaned up the blood that spilled from Clovis I's mouth as he ordered Elsie to activate his AI, seeking to preserve at least some of his dignity, but was horrified as he ordered her to put the Bray legacy over evacuation protocols, noting to herself that Elsie clearly disliked those orders as well.[2]

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