Thieves' Den

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Thieves' Den
Grimoire Thieves' Den.jpg
Map overview


House of Wolves expansion




"I hear the roar before I see him, but when I look up, I can make out a blue burst against the skyline. When he falls, he brings the sky with him. Scatters me and my squad to the wind. Leaves us dead as the moment our Ghosts found us. They bring us back, and he helps us up. Bastard says one thing."
'Tell me what you've learned.'
Hunter and Titan[1]

Thieves' Den is a Crucible map located in the Ishtar Sink, Venus.[2]

Grimoire description

"Whose house?"
— Crucible Reclamation and Security Squad, C-18-Green upon clearing the Thieves' Den for Crucible use

Following the defeat of the House of Winter's ruthless Kell, Draksis, Guardians found a number of abandoned Fallen enclaves throughout the Ishtar Sink. Most were cleared out, but this recently-active Fallen hideout remained mostly intact, complete with idling Skiff and constant reminders of the Fallen's presence.


  • The docked Skiffs there are painted red.


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