Sunken Isles

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Sunken Isles
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European Dead Zone, Earth

Enemy factions:


Connecting areas:

Echion Hold
Legion's Anchor
Skydock IV
The Quarry
The Tunnels


Area type:


Public Events:

Injection Rig
Weapons Exchange

Patrol beacons:



The Sunken Isles is a location in the European Dead Zone on Earth and where Thumos, the Unbroken and later Bracus Zahn staged their operations within Thumos' own Cabal Carrier called the Echion Vae or more commonly known as the Orobas Vectura. After both Leaders' deaths, the Sunken Isles became a battleground between the Cabal and Fallen, who now frequently raids the Isles to steal the Cabal's weapons and materials.


Within the Sunken Isles players can participate in Patrols to help Devrim Kay, Suraya Hawthorne, and the Vanguard take control of the area and resupply the Farm. Along with Patrols, occasionally the Fallen and Cabal will skirmish at the Echion Vae's entrance. Along with these activities; occasionally an Injection Rig will land at the ship's eastern side, starting an Injection Rig Public Event, or a crew of Fallen will appear with cashes of Scorch Cannons and a Fallen Walker, starting a Weapons Exchange Public Event.

Both of these Public Events can either be ignored or participated in, granting rewards for participants.

Story missions

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