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"There is an entire network of Ghosts like me. Should we find our others, we shall rejoice and shift our mission to serve as the right hands of the true warriors of the Light. Until then, we move swift and quiet through the vast wilds of the frontier, scouting our enemies' movements and cataloging their every action so that the Vanguard, and others, may better assess and confront the dangers beyond the Last Safe City."
Link, a Ghost of the Spectral Network

The Spectral Network was an organization of Ghosts who served the Vanguard of The Last City as scouts and spies in the fringes of the Sol System. The Ghosts who joined the Network were those who had yet to find their Lightbearer to revive and instead decided to serve the Light in other ways until they found their partner.


One member of the network, Wren, infiltrated a Fallen base and observed the ceremonies in which an Archon oversaw the elevation of worthy Fallen up the ranks of their House. However, Wren became careless while watching the ceremony and was spotted by the Archon. They frantically sent out a final message to the Vanguard as they attempted to escape, fearing that they were too deep within the base to do so.[1]

Another member of the Spectral Network, Link, scouted the foes of Humanity in the European Dead Zone. Link recorded his activities and thoughts about his place in the Spectral Network.[2]

Known members

"We are small. We are few. But we are brave and we are heroes."
— Link

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