Morphon, Blighted Mind

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Morphon, Blighted Mind
Morphon, Blighted Mind.png
Biographical information






Taken Hydra

Combat information




VoidS.png Aeon Maul


Summon Oracles
Temporary Immunity
High Durability
Detainment Bubbles
Suppression Field
KineticS.png Detonation Melee
Midair Levitation
SolarS.png Hydra Death Blast


Morphon, Blighted Mind is a Taken Hydra encountered in the Paradox Story Mission. It was tasked by Oryx to seize the Vault of Glass and co-opt its power, all the while blighting and corrupting the Vex Network. Luckily for the Vex, Morphon was destroyed by Guardians. Morphon is the only boss of its mission, but when players seek to find its secret ending, is first before the Blighted Descendant.


Morphon will spawn after the player jumps into the Gorgon's Labyrinth being a corner, where the Mind and a few Taken Vex will be spotted. Note that Taken Hobgoblins will appear throughout the labyrinth on elevated ledges. Damage Morphon long enough, and it will teleport further into the cavern. It's best for the player to defeat the enemies that spawned first before targeting the Blighted Mind. Morphon will repeat barraging the player with its Aeon Maul, teleport, and summon enemies two more times before, when found the fourth time, will be immune to all damage. To be able to harm it, the corrupted Oracles around it need to be destroyed. When all is destroyed, Morphon will become vulnerable to player's attacks. Morphon will also attempt to detain the player once in a while, although its bubble doesn't disable weapons and can be destroyed from the inside. Repeat the same process of destroying its oracles and damaging Morphon, Blighted Mind until it perishes.


  • According to Morphon's abilities, it's concluded that it could've been a vex entity that was previously dormant in the Vault of Glass before Oryx arrived at the Sol System.
    • Because of this, it possible that Morphon could be the Taken version of the Templar.
    • Unlike Atheon's red Oracles and the Templar's yellow Oracles, Morphon's Oracles are green in color.
      • In addition to this, the Taken Hydra's oracles are the only ones that don't act as death mechanisms, but act as shields.
  • When the Vex realized that they could not defeat the Taken, they let The Guardian enter the Vault of Glass. With the destruction of the Blighted Mind, the Vex's inevitable future was delayed.

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