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The Pale Heart, The Traveler


"What is done can be undone."

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Iconoclasm is the seventh Story Mission of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Fight Your Way into the Fortress
  • Clear the Area
  • Find a Way to the Witness's Ritual Site
  • Journey to the Ritual Site
  • Investigate the Area
  • Defeat the Taken
  • Defeat the Witness
  • Charge the Aegis with Light to Avoid the Witness's Attacks
  • Use the Sword of Light
  • Defeat the Witness's Forces
  • Escape!
    • 1:28


(Mission Begins)

Ikora Rey: The Witness's defectors spoke of a ritual site, the place where they "destroyed themselves."

Ghost: Where the Witness was created.

Ikora: Yes. Zavala thinks he can navigate us to it. Guardian, you lead.

Ikora: We'll follow. Zavala no longer has his Light.

Zavala: But I do have my gun.

Zavala: Reaching the ritual site is our top priority. Do not let your focus stray.

Traveling through the Maelstrom towards the Monolith, the Guardian battles through Taken and Dread forces.

Ghost: Cayde, this is a secure line. How's the commander?

Cayde-6: Commanding.

Eliminating the enemy forces, the Guardian traverses across platforms.

Ghost: We've already got resistance. This won't be-

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Your search for purpose continues. Once more, it leads you to us.

The Witness: What is it you seek? Your endless pursuit of us yields you nothing.

The Guardian discovers a structure, guarded by Dread and Taken units
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian is bombarded by the servants of the Witness

Ghost: We've got a Taken blockade ahead.

Ikora: We're getting an influx of Hive back here.

Zavala: Clear them out. The Witness knows there are dissenting voices within it.

Zavala: It'll stop at nothing to keep us from reaching the ritual site.

As the Guardian slays hordes of Taken and Dread, and makes their way to the entrance, they are confronted by an Imprint of Nezarec. Upon slaying the Tormentor, the Taken barrier blocking the entrance is down, allowing the Guardian to pursue into this structure

Ghost: Our barrier's down.

Ikora: We're still working over here, keep moving!

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: You persist.

The Witness: You wish to aid your Traveler with reckless abandon.

The Witness: To spread the futile poison of life. Chaos disguised as freedom.

The Witness: We deny this pain. Let us enlighten you.

The Guardian exits this structure, through a cave entrance, arriving at the Sacrarium.

The Crow: That riddle… "What was made can be unmade." I can't get it out of my head.

The Crow: How are we supposed to unmake the Witness?

Ikora: The same way that the Witness plans to remake the universe.

Zavala: The Traveler's Light.

Ikora: Light restores, terraforms, shapes. We could use it to break the Witness apart. Destroy it.

Arriving within a cave, the Guardian is almost immediately affected by poisonous air.

Ghost: There's resonance energy coming from that doorway. There has to be some way past it.

Discovering a seed of Darkness, the Guardian interacts with it, protecting them from the poisonous air and allowing them to walk past the resonance barrier and continue forward, walking across narrow stairs

Zavala: I was powerless when I stood before the Witness. When I confronted it in that… place.

Zavala: But Guardian, your ability to wield both Darkness and Light gives you an advantage.

Zavala: You will do what I could not.

Eventually, the Guardian goes through a gateway made of glass, entering another cave. They then arrive in a cavern filled with Ghost shells with red eyes.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Forsake the architect of your enslavement.

The Witness: Cast aside your squandered loyalties. You are no longer a pawn of the Light.

The Witness: Be free-

The Guardian exits the cave, jumping down into a room with a Taken Blight blocking the way forward.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Soldiers of the Witness appear across the room. Upon defeating the enemy forces, the Guardian interacts with a seed of Darkness and jumps down into a hole below a statue to the lower floor, filled with toxic air. After defeating Ravenous Taken Minotaurs, two Resonant Warders appear to confront the Guardian.

Ghost: We've got Hive Knights! Incoming!

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: A gift, for the Lightbearers of Sol.

Staying alive thanks to the seeds of Darkness giving them protection from the air, the Guardian slays the Resonant Warders. As the two correct glyphs were revealed with the Resonant Warder's defeats, the Guardian enters a portal to the upstairs and interacts with the glyphs, summoning forth Eshkin'tuk, Witness's Blessed. Upon slaying Eshkin'tuk, the Taken Blight blocking the entrance is destroyed, taking them further into the structure

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: In truth, you seek not hope, but endless challenge.

The Witness: This ambition is known to us. "That what can be destroyed, must be destroyed."

The Guardian enters another cave with a glass entrance, arriving in a cavern where they stand on a statue with other Guardians admiring them.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Ascend to your potential.

The Witness: Find your purpose.

The Witness: Be chosen-

Exiting out of the tunnel and traversing across narrow stairs. Suddenly a pulse of Light is sent out as the Witness continues to torture the Traveler. Eventually, they arrive at an entrance leading to the Monolith.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Agents of the Witness led by Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning arrive, with Taken Blights appearing on both sides of the tavern. Destroying the Blights, the Guardian then summons forth a portal and enters into it, taking them to a room. Utilizing the Darkness seeds to protect them from the toxic air, the Guardian defeats the Resonant Warders to reveal the correct glyphs. Returning back to the entrance, they interact with the correct glyphs, bringing forth the Aegis and retrieving the shield.

Ghost: A gift from the Traveler - it's still trying to help us.

Piercing Dolgith's shield, the Guardian severely damages the beast, forcing it to renew its shield. Repeating the process, the Guardian slays Dolgith.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: The sword logic teaches that what cannot be destroyed will surpass infinity.

The Witness: The Hive were lost to this childish game. Too obsessed by the violence of the first knife to see the final carving.

The Witness: Are you not also a prisoner of this eternal chase? For all your power, you destroy to retrieve glittering rewards. The commendations of your peers. Triumphant accolades… for all to see.

The Witness: We offer you an escape.

The Witness: Embrace this truth. Be uplifted… triumphant against entropy.

The Taken barrier around the entrance lowers.

Cayde-6: Sounds like the Witness thinks you're hot stuff.

The Crow: It flattered me, too. It offered me the Awoken Throne, a kingdom all my own. My sister's love.

Cayde-6: How IS your sister?

Queen Mara Sov: On her way with the H.E.L.M.

The Crow: Mara?

Queen Mara Sov: You're in danger, brother.

The Crow: And you're supposed to be with the coalition fleet on the other side of the portal!

Queen Mara Sov: I know.

The Crow: Mara! Don't be stupid…

Queen Mara Sov: Now you know how it feels.

Finally, the Guardian arrives at the memory of the ritual site, where the Witness was created. They travel up the structure, arriving at another door made of glass, uncovering a tavern filled with gold.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Accept all that you are owed.

The Witness: Be adorned-

The Guardian leaves the tavern of glass, discovering a room with a finalized animal.

Ghost: I really don't like the look of these rooms…

Persisting further, the Guardian enters a room with statues of Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde-6 standing together at the old War Table.

Ghost: Guardian, this looks like the old Vanguard War Table…

The Witness: Lightbearer…

The Witness: These meager pawns you allow to lead you… their strength pales in comparison to your own.

The Witness: They hold you back from all that you could become.

The Witness: We judged humanity before you made your greatness known. Your worth. Your might.

The Witness: You deserve power. More than your Traveler would ever grace you with.

The Witness: Join us. Not as part of the final shape, but as a god.

Ghost: Targe was right.

Enraged, the Witness berates Ghost, its voice now being dominated by a masculine tone.

The Witness: Silence, you insolent speck!

Ghost: A Disciple? You wouldn't make that offer unless you were truly desperate.

Ghost: Terrified. Of us. Of what the Guardian can now do.

The Witness: You seek the place we destroyed ourselves? Come…

The Witness: And be destroyed!

Cayde-6: Hey, what the hell happened in there? The line went dead.

The entrance leading down a hallway opens.

Ghost: The Witness.

Going down the hallway, the Guardian arrives outside where the ritual site is located, as a projection of the Witness in the form of a tornado watches them.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Ghost: This is the place Zavala described.

Ghost: Fireteam, we're here. It's quiet. It feels like a tomb… stagnant.

Ghost: And there, at the center…

Ghost: The place where the Witness was made.

Zavala: Give yourself to Darkness, Guardian. But stay vigilant. Stay alive.

The Witness manifests itself, immune to any harm as it engages with the Guardian alongside Lenurae, Subjugator of Fluxion, and its Dread forces.

The Witness: [whispers]

Ghost: Ikora! Crow! We're under attack!

Ikora: [grunts in combat, crackling over comms]

Ghost: Ikora?! Hello? Come in!

Ikora: We've got enemies incoming too. We're trying to get to you as fast as we can.

As the Guardian harms Lenurae, it summons an immunity shield to defend itself. The Guardian interacts with a seed of Darkness to be able to walk through resonance barriers and retrieve the Aegis, using it to pierce Lenurae's shield.

Ghost: Guardian, use the Light to protect yourself!

Stepping in a pool of Light, the Guardian uses the Aegis's shield to defend themselves from the Witness's attack as it summons a tornado of glass shards. When the storm finishes and the Aegis disappears, the Guardian then kills Lenurae.

Ghost: Subjugator down-

The Traveler summons a sword of Light for the Guardian to wield.

Ghost: A sword! Grab it, Guardian!

Ghost: The Traveler's not free yet, but it's still trying to help us!

Ghost: We've got our opening into the Darkness.

The Crow: We're still fighting our way through! Don't wait for us.

As the Witness disappears, the Guardian arrives at the shrine at the center and destroys a Pyramid lock before embracing the Darkness.

Ghost: Here we go.

The Guardian is transported into the Witness's consciousness, where they are surrounded by many Veiled Statues in a large circle.

A Dissenter: In Darkness, we saw ourselves, simultaneously victims and perpetrators, condemned to fade in Light, as all things do.

A Dissenter: And so, we reshaped ourselves to become this purpose the universe lacked.

A Dissenter: We lost ourselves in it.

A Dissenter: Destroy us.

The Guardian destroys one of the Veiled Statues.

The Witness: [screams in pain]

The Guardian is transported back to the ritual site, with seeds of Darkness across it.

Ghost: Something's happening to the air here, Guardian. Be careful!

The Guardian interacts with the seeds to protect themselves against the toxic air and allow them to walk through resonance barriers. Meanwhile, the Witness re-manifests, now alongside more Dread units, including Molak'al, Subjugator of the Traveler.

Ghost: Another Subjugator!

Cayde-6: We're just outside the ritual site, but keep at it! We'll hold the Light and keep everything we can from spilling in.

Ghost: Vanguard, we figured it out! What was made in Darkness can be unmade in Darkness.

Ghost: In Darkness, the statues are still part of the Witness.

Ghost: Destroying them will destroy the Witness!

Cayde-6: Ghost, you two need to get back in there!

When the Guardian severely wounds Molak'al, it summons fourth a shield. Acquiring the Aegis once again, they destroy Molak'al's and use the Aegis while standing in the pool of Light to survive the tornado storm summoned by the Witness. With the storm finished, the Guardian slays Molak'al, causing the sword to reappear.

Ghost: Guardian, that sword!

Taking the sword and using it to destroy the lock, the Guardian embraces the Darkness to return to the Witness's consciousness.

A Dissenter: The Light forgets. The Light forgives. In memory, we remain, but in Light, we are freed.

A Dissenter: The Light will tear us. The Light will rend, mind from mind, spilt what has become the vile one in the repentant many.

A Dissenter: Destroy us.

The Guardian destroys a Veiled Statue

The Witnesss: [screams terrifyingly]

The Guardian returns to the ritual site as the Witness and its forces appear once again, with Lenurae returning.

The Crow: Whatever you're doing, it's working!

Zavala: Guardian, you must return to the Dark!

Now being aided by their allies, the Guardian slays Lenurae, retrieves the sword of Light, and embraces the Darkness to enter the Witness's consciousness.

A Dissenter: Your Gardener cannot help you, while imprisoned… Free it.

A Dissenter: It will take all you have, and more, to unmake that which has been made in the Darkness.

A Dissenter: Destroy us.

The Guardian destroys a Veiled Statue.

The Witness: We. Cut. You. Out!

The Guardian and Ghost are severely wounded, with Ghost's shell becoming more cracked.

Ghost: [screams in agony]

The Witness forcefully cut the Guardian out of its collective.

Ghost: G-Guardian…

Ghost: We're hurt…

The Witness: [agonized howl]

Zavala: Get out of there-now!

Ikora: The Witness is regrouping, but we'll keep it off you.

Ghost: Ikora…

Ikora: Be brave.

Using the Aegis, the Guardian defends themselves from the many shards coming in their direction as they attempt to escape

Ghost: Keep going! Keep going, Guardian!

Queen Mara Sov: I've got a lock on your position!

The Guardian avoids the onslaught of shards as they walk towards the outside balcony to escape.

Ghost: Mara!

Queen Mara Sov: Hold on! I'm bringing you up.


Severly wounded, the Guardian limbs further towards the balcony as they are chased by Taken and Grim, before collapsing on the ground. However, they are transmitted onto the H.E.L.M. as the Taken and Grim roar in rage.

(Black screen)

Zavala, Ikora, Cayde, and Crow kill all of the Witness's forces around the shrine. However smoke manifests in front of them, forming into the Witness

The Witness: We had such hope… you would understand.

The Witness touches the right side of its head as three of its souls disintegrate.

Ikora: It's wounded.

Noticing the H.E.L.M. flying in the distance, the Witness freezes the ship with its hand, before staring down at the Vanguard.

The Witness: But you choose…

The Witness: …entropy.

The Witness is entirely subsumed in smoke as it glows orange, growing in size and manifesting many hands.

The Crow: We have to go!

The fireteam runs towards the entrance out of the ritual site, as the Witness's voice becomes dominated by a masculine once more.

The Witness: You revel in chaos…

The Witness: and in your wake, there is only suffering!

The fireteam runs through the hallway as the Witness chases them, utterly covered in smoke that conceals its true form.

Ikora: Keep moving!

The Witness: You are unworthy of salvation!

Running from the Witness's wrath and avoiding one of its hands manifested out of nowhere, the fireteam ran across the hallway. Motioning its hand, the Witness causes a brick from the wall to break off and hit Zavala. Ikora then runs over to pick him up as one of the Witness's hands manifests attempting to grab them. However, they are saved by Crow who uses his Golden Gun and brings out his Iron Lord axe given to him by Saladin

The Crow: Aaaaaah!

Crow jumps and strikes the hand, forcing it to retreat into the smoke. With the Witness distracted, the H.E.L.M. becomes capable of moving again, making its way to an entrance outside the structure to aid the fireteam in escaping. With Zavala and Ikora in front of them, Cayde and Crow both run to the exit, while avoiding the many hands of the Witness.

The Crow: Go!

Zavala and Ikora both successfully transmat into the H.E.L.M. as Crow and Cayde run towards the exit.

The Crow: Mara!

Queen Mara Sov: I'm here, brother!

Cayde and Crow shortly after are both transmatted onto the H.E.L.M., evading the Witness's clutch.

(Cutscene Ends)


The Witness towers its true form, while destruction is seen across the Pale Heart.

Queen Mara Sov: All is not yet lost.

The fireteam is seen together at the War Table as the Witness is seen from the distance.

Queen Mara Sov: The Witness may have won this battle

Queen Mara Sov: But it is wounded.

Mara looks at the fireteam at the War Table.

Queen Mara Sov: And while you've been occupied here, within the Traveler's heart…

Queen Mara Sov: I've brought our allies to help you land the final blow.

The cutscene switches as Mara and the Vanguard are seen at the top, Mithrax on the left, Caiatl on the right, and the Micah-10 at the bottom. First, the view zooms toward Caiatl and her forces.

Queen Mara Sov: The full might of Caiatl's empire stands behind us in this endeavour.

Next, the view moves towards Mithrax and his House of Light.

Queen Mara Sov: MisraasksKel rallies his House of Light to save their Great Machine.

Finally it zooms towards Micah-10 at the bottom alongside many Ghosts.

Queen Mara Sov: And I have found a Guardian of great renown…

Queen Mara Sov: Micah-10, who comes to us with bold ideas.

One of the Ghosts flies towards the middle and flashes its Light, causing the cutscene to switch as the Coalition leaders look at a projection of the Monolith at the War Table.

Queen Mara Sov: If you intend to subdue the Witness, we must first fight its corruption…

Queen Mara Sov: and weaken its hold on the Traveler.

Queen Mara Sov: You will grow in strength. In power.

Queen Mara Sov: And when the reckoning is at last upon us…

The cutscene changes, showing six Guardian gazing at the Monolith from the distance.

Queen Mara Sov: You will storm the Witness's monolith and strike where it is most vulnerable.

Queen Mara Sov: You will shatter its hold on the Traveler.

The Guardian is seen behind them, holding Ergo Sum in their grasp.

Queen Mara Sov: And you will end it!

The final battle with the Witness approaches

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Iconoclasm}


The Dread
Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde