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The New Pacific Arcology, as seen from the Sinking Docks


Destiny 2



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Sinking Docks, New Pacific Arcology, Titan

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"Commander Zavala is building a resistance at a moon of Saturn. Make contact and join the fight"
— In game description

Hope is the fifth story mission of Destiny 2. After re-establishing communication with Commander Zavala the Guardian and Ghost make their way to Titan, a moon of Saturn. When they arrive, however, they find the floating city, the New Pacific Arcology, overrun by hordes of Hive.


Secure the Control Center
Follow Sloane's coordinates to the Control Center
Secure the Control Center
Clear out the Hive infestation around the Control Center
Clear out the Hive breeding ground
Sacs destroyed
Destroy the Hive infestation around the Control Center
Secure the Control Center
Clear out the Hive infestation around the Control Center
Rendezvous with Zavala
Rendezvous with Zavala and Sloane at the landing platform


Loading Screen

Ghost: Hawthorne already believes Zavala abandoned her and the survivors. Now that we're leaving... If we stayed, yes, we could help them survive, but... if Zavala really is building a counteroffensive on Titan, we can save them all, and take back the City.

{Loading Screen ends}


An ocean wave. The camera rises, showing the settlement and its ships, with the New Pacific Arcology in the background. The camera shifts showing the Guardian's ship flying into the area, as Saturn peers through the methane clouds behind, the hole in its rings caused by the Dreadnaught briefly visible as the camera tracks after the ship as it comes in to land the Guardian

Ghost: Vanguard Fleet: Guardian Ship seven-two-three is on approach. We received your beacon, and we're ready to join the fight.

Commander Zavala: Guardian Ship, this is Commander Zavala. It's too late. The Hive have overrun Titan. I was wrong to bring us here...

{Cutscene Ends}


Sinking Docks
The player spawns in the Sinking Docks.
Secure the Control Center
Follow Sloane's coordinates to the Control Center

Ghost: Commander, we're here to help.

Zavala: No! We've already lost too many Lightless Guardians to the Hive. We can't secure this moon.

Ghost: We have our Light back.

Zavala: What? Impossible.

Commander Sloane: Commander, if I may? Guardian, this is Deputy Commander, Sloane. We have a counter-offensive to plan. To do that we need to get this station up and running. There's a fleet to prep, Guardians to arm, and a trove of intercepted Red Legion transmissions to decrypt. It's critical we gain access to the station's Control Center. That's where you come in.

Sloane: If the Light really is with you, send the Hive back to hell.

Zavala: And Guardian...Please. Be careful

The player begins making their way out of the docks, headed towards Siren's Watch and the Control Center. They proceed along some decrepit walkways to the base pillar of one of the platforms above and attempt to enter it except their passage is blocked by a destructible Hive membrane stretched across the entrance.
If the player delays destroying it Ghost will say:

Ghost: Go on, shoot it!

The player destroys this introductory barrier membrane, entering the room full of Hive materials, and continues up to the exit, which is also blocked. They destroy this membrane, complete the silent tutorial, and continue on towards the Control Center.

Ghost: What was this place?

Zavala: The Golden Age cities of Titan were once the pride of humanity. We though they were abandoned. But I was a fool to think the Hive would not spread this far.

The player continues on, entering one of the abandoned structures, the Kemphaan, en route to the Control Center.

Ghost: I have a bad feeling about this.

The player presses further inside the structure, where they are ambushed by Hive, introducing them to the Thrall. As the player battles through the Kemphaan's interior, they pass Ghost Scans TM-SD-2 and SD-3 located in the immediate vicinity of the path of action.
Ghost: "The gravity on Titan is approximately 1.352 meters per second squared, except here. These floating rocks must be a residual effect from some Hive magic." - TM-SD-3, and,
Ghost: "It's a... cocoon of some kind. The life inside it isn't Hive, exactly. This could be how the Hive's symbiont worms grow." - TM-SD-2
The player defeats the Thralls and exits the Kemphaan, proceeding along the outside towards the Control Center.

Ghost: OK, Sloane. We can see the Control Center.

Sloane: Copy that. Keep pushing forward. Commander, at this rate we can start planning our counteroffensive. We'll be outside the City gates in no time.

Zavala: Hmm. If it were only that simple.

The player enters another structure, encountering their first Acolytes. They continue onwards, dropping down through a giant air duct fan into the area below, now combining Thralls and Acolytes in the same engagement. To the right of the area is a TM-SD-1:
Ghost: "A Golden Age console... and a user is still logged in. Leilani Valero. Marine tech, number four-twenty-six. She was in the middle of logging an emergency of some kind."
The player continues through the structure, encountering a summoning ritual for a Knight. The Knight and other Hive are defeated and the player moves through the connector into the Siren's Watch

Ghost: I shudder to think what spell the Hive were casting back there. We should talk to Eris Morn. She would know which Hive god they were communing with.

Zavala: No one has seen Eris - or Ikora or Cayde - since The City fell.

Siren's Watch
The entrance to the Sinking Docks is blocked by a closed door. A Grenade Launcher, the Penumbra GSM sits on a table before the door, inviting the player to pick it up.
Pick up Grenade Launcher
The player picks up the Grenade Launcher and moves on into the Siren's Watch proper, the door opening upon approach. The area is full of Hive who the player engages in battle.

Ghost: There's the Control Center!

Sloane: Clear the area so we can move in.

Secure the Control Center
Clear out the Hive infestation around the Control Center
The Hive are defeated.

Ghost: We made it, Sloane.

Sloane: Perfect. Recon the perimeter before you move on to the Control Center.

The player discovers a Hive nest inside one of the nearby structures.
Clear out the Hive breeding ground
Sacs destroyed
Destroy the Hive infestation around the Control Center
The player enters the nest and begins destroying the egg sacs, drawing out the remaining Hive inside the nest, including a Wizard.

Ghost: So it looks like we're standing in some sort of Hive breeding ground.

Zavala: Take it out.

If the player takes too long to destroy the nest Ghost will say

Ghost: Shoot the yellow sacks


Ghost: We cleared the nest. Heading to the Control Center now.

Sloane: Well done. Sweep the perimeter, and we'll move in on your signal.

The last of the sacs destroyed, a hatch at the back of the nest opens, allowing the player to continue through what remains of the Hive nest. Along the way they encounter TM-SW-2:
Ghost: "From this console a Golden Age technician locked down the shipyard and forbade all future arrivals. The entire arcology was undergoing an emergency evacuation. She signed off...I wonder if she made it out."
The Hive are defeated, and the player exits the nest, returning to the area around the Control Center, where more Hive have gathered, led by Ubara, Hive Prince.
Secure the Control Center
Clear out the Hive infestation around the Control Center
Ubara is killed, and the Hive are defeated.

Ghost: Sloane. Commander. It's done.

Sloane: Copy that. Zavala and I are inbound.

Rendezvous with Zavala
Rendezvous with Zavala and Sloane at the landing platform
Access Control Center
The player enters the Control Center and makes their way to the landing pad.

Sloane: We're approaching the landing platform. Get up here, and take a bow.

{Gameplay end}


A long shot of the Arcology fills the background, covered with Hive gunk, as a Hawk hovering over the landing pad, then Zavala and Sloane come into view. The Hawk departs as the Guardian approaches, causing Zavala and Sloane to break off their conversation. Sloane departs at a jog, passing the Guardian with a nod of recognition as the Guardian and Zavala approach each other in reuinion.

Zavala: I didn't dare believe. If the Light can find it's way back to you, then perhaps there's hope for us all.

Zavala turns, pacing towards the edge of the landing pad, staring out at the ruins of the Arcology.

Zavala: Our numbers will continue to dwindle. We can no longer protect ourselves, much less the survivors.

Zavala looks at his outstretched hand as he asks himself

Zavala: And without the Light... are we even Guardians anymore?

Zavala clenches his hand into a fist.

Ghost: Commander.

Done with his introspection, Zavala turns back to the Guardian, determined.

Zavala: We wont last long with dead generators. Wave Energy Converters power this station. But thanks to the Hive, they're in need of... attention.

Ghost: We can take care of it.

Zavala Yes...

Zavala: I believe you can.

{End Cutscene}

{End Mission}


Hive - Savathûn's Brood



  • The Scannable console in the Sinking Docks is playing homage to Aliens the movie. The marines come down to the planet LV-426 to find it decimated after an alien infestation like we find Titan in Destiny 2.