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Hellas Basin
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Enemy factions:

Grasp of Nokris
Red Legion
Xivu Arath's Horde (Season of the Seraph)

Hostile races:




Complete Pilgrimage

Landing zones:

BrayTech Futurescape
Glacial Drift


"It could have been the site of the initial Warmind development. Perhaps even a core site for Rasputin itself. This could have been where the Warmind was born."
Tyra Karn[1]

Hellas Basin is a frozen region of Mars, and a Destination added in Warmind. Abandoned for centuries after the Collapse, the ice was thawed by the awakening of the Traveler, revealing a civilisation previously frozen beneath the surface.[2] Also uncovered was the Hive brood Grasp of Nokris who, after hundreds of years beneath the ice, have returned in service to their Worm God Xol. The most prominent landmarks are BrayTech Futurescape, an exoscience hub from the Golden Age owned by Clovis Bray, and the core of the Warmind Rasputin, constructed by the same corporation. The destination was vaulted with the release of Beyond Light.


An oasis of Golden Age technology, Hellas Basin is home to some of the Golden Age's most advanced scientific operations. Before the discovery of a cache of Golden Age data cores in Freehold, little information had survived about the region outside of it being a tourist attraction. However, this cache revealed that the BrayTech Futurescape facility was, in fact, the site of Rasputin's creation.[1]

Sometime between the departure of the Traveler from Mars and the City Age, Hellas Basin underwent a sudden and drastic change in climate, from a mild region ideal for life to a cold and unforgiving wasteland in only a few days. Shortly before the region underwent this change an invasion of unknown biological entities, including one of massive size, was detected. The change was caused by Rasputin's "Siberian Entropy Protocol", which he used to freeze the invaders, temporarily stopping Xol and his army

The wreckage of Prince Uldren Sov's ship was found in a cave; presumably he crashed a second time after Crows had repaired it.

Shortly after the Traveler's awakening during the Red War, the ice on the caps of Mars began to thaw. Sensing a continued threat to itself from the Hive that had been freed, Rasputin assumed control of the warsats in orbit around Mars, and began to smash them into the planet's surface.[1]

Following the warsats' impact, Hive began spilling onto the surface in an attempt to destroy the Warmind's core, originally constructed there by the Clovis Bray corporation. Meanwhile, the legendary Hunter Ana Bray sought an insight into her past within the nearby BrayTech Futurescape facility.[2] Guardians were dispatched to prevent the destruction of the Warmind, assist Ana Bray in her investigations, and destroy the leader of the Hive in the region, the Worm-God Xol and its herald, Nokris.[2]

The Cabal Red Legion has also established a base of operations near the Futurescape facility for scavenging purposes during their retreat.[3]







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