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The Crow
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Glint, also known by the nickname Pulled Pork, is a very friendly and earnest Ghost who revived Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef as a Lightbearer. Their partnership was complicated by the hostile actions of other Guardians toward the new Lightbearer due to his past life, and they were eventually forced into servitude to The Spider, who planted a bomb inside Glint to force the newly dubbed Crow to serve him. The two were eventually freed by the Young Wolf and journeyed to the The Last City where they were welcomed amongst the ranks of the Vanguard as scouts.


Search for His Guardian[edit]

"And, thank you for your suggestion. I have considered it! I do often scan the dead. I also scan other things. I like to be thorough."
— Pulled Pork to Nkechi-32 after she suggested he scan bodies instead of debris

While exploring Mars for his Guardian, Glint encountered the Titan Nkechi-32 and her Ghost, Agu. The pair befriended him and gave him the nickname Pulled Pork. More than a century later, he had reached the Reef and began searching it for his Guardian. During his time there, he was gifted a new purple shell with Reef markings by an unknown individual. Glint encountered Nkechi and Agu again as well while scanning debris and rocks that made up the rings of the ancient asteroid field and ship graveyards of the Reef. As he finished scanning a rock, he greeted them and informed them he was still searching for his Guardian. Nkechi questioned if he was going to find them in a rock, and Glint cheerily suggested that they could be very small. She agreed but suggested he scan dead bodies instead and asked about his new shell. He informed her it was a gift and that he often did scan the dead, but liked to be thorough in his search. Pulled Pork then politely excused himself for a moment to scan a piece of warped plastic that was floating by.[1]

An undefined amount of time later, Glint entered the Dreaming City to continue his search for a Guardian. As he scanned rocks among the mountains of the Awoken city, he spotted a gazebo with a corpse covered with a sheet lying on a dais in the middle. Intrigued, Pulled Pork flew to the body and scanned it and was elated to discover that he could bring the individual back as a Guardian. With a burst of Light, Glint revived Uldren Sov, who sat up with a gasp, unaware of who or where he is.[2]


"How do you feel about Gleam? Flash? Or maybe Glint?"
"Glint? Oh, I like Glint!"
"Then it is an honor to meet you, Master Glint.
— Glint receiving his name from the Crow
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Trapped in the Spider's Web[edit]

"You aren't a prisoner. You… you could leave. Live a normal life. Without the Light."
"No. I won't abandon you. You would never do that to me."
"You're right. I'll never leave you.
— Glint and the Crow, facing their future as the Spider's enforcer
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Hunting the High Celebrant[edit]

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Watching over the House of Light[edit]

"You wouldn't really have shot them, right?"
"They needed to know I was serious, Glint."
"But you weren't. (silence) Tell me you weren't serious... were you?
— Glint and Crow after the encounter with the saboteurs

When the Eliksni House of Light was welcomed into the Last City by the Vanguard to help stop the Endless Night, Glint and Crow took it upon themselves to watch over the community as they established themselves in the ruined Botza District. During a tense encounter at a local bar between residents of the City and several House Light members, Glint and Crow almost intervened before The Drifter arrived and settled the situation.[3] Several weeks after the Eliksni's arrival, a few dozen humans infiltrated the camp and began sabotaging Ether tanks and other valuable technology. Crow threatened to shoot the saboteurs unless they departed, concerning Glint, and after the humans dispersed with insults and glares full of hatred he compiled and questioned if his Guardian would have really shot them. Crow hesitated before answering that they needed to know he was serious. Glint noted that he was not, but Crow's silence as they left the camp worried him and he continued to question Crow about his intentions.[4]

A week after the sabotage incident, Glint and Crow were once more watching over the Eliksni camp. Due to Zavala's orders for Crow to stay hidden from the Eliksni, Glint was sent in for reconnaissance and to gauge the probability of further violence. However, he was almost instantly spotted by young Eliksni hatchlings who were delighted by the Ghost. Abandoning his mission, Glint instead began to play with the young hatchlings by leading them on a chase through the ruins, staying just out of their reach as they tried to catch him while periodically circling back around so the younger and slower hatchlings at the back of the pack had a chance to play as well.[5]


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Personality and traits[edit]

Glint is known to be very kind and friendly, although some regard him as a bit "simple" and scatterbrained; before he found Uldren, he was known to methodically scan bits of debris that were obviously unlikely to contain a potential Risen. His scatterbrained nature tends to have Glint get so caught up on things that really don't matter that he often needs Crow to drag him back into focus. Glint's sense of humor and bright personality are similar to how the Young Wolf's Ghost used to act before their many adventures and losses had hardened them. Despite this, however, Glint is more perceptive than most would know as he was fully aware of Crow's previous identity, and was doing his best to keep Crow from finding out. Crow working with the Young Wolf had him on edge, as the whole partnership would reveal Crow's history from the Guardian that Glint considers the absolute worst candidate to learn it from. However, it would be the Witch Queen who would reveal Crow's previous identity, in the worst way possible, leaving Glint's Guardian shaken and in emotional turmoil, saddening him.

Quite possibly Glint's most notable trait is his undying loyalty, something shared by many Ghosts, as Glint sticks by Crow no matter what, even after getting a lot of grief for raising Uldren as a Lightbearer, and always sees the best in his Guardian, regardless of what everyone else thinks. Glint even elaborated that no matter how much Crow beats himself up, Glint still believes him to be a far better person to Uldren, and a great Guardian in general[6].

Crow deeply values his friendship with Glint, once being his only friend and the source of uplifting optimism out in the wilds prior to working for the Spider. In Season of the Haunted, Crow stated he's not sure what he would do if he ever lost Glint.

Glint has shown a fascination with paranormal tales, taking the leading role in 2021's Festival of the Lost[7]. This fascination led him to speak with various figures within the solar system, chasing the truth behind the Headless Ones. He encountered both believers and skeptics, always showing his propensity for innocent inquiry.


  • "We warned you it was going to be dangerous down here!"
  • "It's his Crow's Nest!"
  • "He's trying to do some things he saw you do. It's wonderful... and awkward."
  • "Whatever is being drawn to the lure used to be fallen, but not anymore."
  • "Good job on the lure. Here come the Hive."
  • "It's abandoning the cryptolith! Did we win?"


  • Glint is voiced by Richard Sloniker.
  • Glint, in a voice line, confirms that he sings Crow to sleep.

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