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Vex Enemy Concept.jpg




Olympian Collective
Sol Collective
Sol Divisive
Sol Progeny
Hezen Corrective
Hezen Protective
Aphix Invasive
Virgo Prohibition
Ex Archival
Sol Machina

Combat information


Slap Rifle
Torch Hammer
Line Rifle


Elemental Bending
Alluring Song
Empowering Song


Sirens are small, slim, yet rather dangerous Vex units first encountered on Ganymede.


Sirens are Vex units, with double jointed legs ending with clawed feet. Their most notable feature is their lack of eyes and feminine appearance. Sirens make their first appearance on Ganymede and can be found in various activities such Strikes, Olympian Hunts, Missions, Patrols, the Fall of Olympus raid, and the Spire Integration Public Event. Thus far, they do not seem to be findable anywhere else in the system.


They operate as support units with very little attacks, only having a slap rifle, line rifle, or torch hammer. Despite all this, what makes them dangerous is their power over the elements and their beautiful voice, despite not having a mouth.

Sirens can bend elements depending on the lights that glow on their bodies:

  • Light Blue lights means they can bend Arc energy
  • Orange lights means they can bend Solar energy
  • Purple lights means they can bend Void energy
  • Dark Blue lights means they can bend Stasis energy
  • Light Grey means they can bend Chrono energy

Sirens are rather fragile and can be killed easily, by themselves that is; however, most of the time, sirens are accompanied by at least 3-6 other vex units, ranging from 6 goblins to 6 cyclopes.

Sirens most dangerous attribute is their ability to empower other vex units and their alluring singing that can grant a debuff known as Charm, which causes Guardians affected to be able to attack allies and enemies alike, but also allows other guardians to attack affected guardians as well. In order to stop this, empowering rounds must be shot at the affected guardian to "cut" the connection between them and the singing siren.

Known Sirens[edit]




  • Like most Vex, Sirens are named after a mythological creature; siren were dangerous creatures in greek mythology, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.
  • Sirens are the first gendered, non-olympian vex as they are all female.

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