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Ultra Knight
Biographical information

Other name(s):

Ultra Knight
Son of Wizard
The Real Ultra Knight
heralder of Wizard
Nokris' Idol
Crota's Lament
Bane of all Lesser Knights
He with names
Enforcer of the Wizard Will
Fist to Xivu
Warmonger Supreme
Tithe bringer
Primus Knight
The Bringer
Thee Knight
Master Fighter
Enactor of the One Order
He with increasing names
Xyurdok's Summoner


Wizard' homeworld




Spawn of Wizard
Shadow Swarm (Major ally)









Combat information


Killing the Wizard Son


The Super Hive Boomer


Afflict Curses
Favor of Kirito
Summon Wizard
Darkness Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Hive
Berserk Mode
Hive Melee


Ultra Knight is the son of Wizard and the enforcer of her will. He is the most powerful Knight to exist, second only to Xivu the Pawn of Wizard. He plans to one day usurp the powers of Xivu Arath so that the day she fulfills her usefulness he can take her place as second only to the one true God - Wizard. During the events of Paradox, he and his mother teamed up with Kirito and Asuna to wreak havoc on the Solar System and traumatize each and every one of Humanity.


Ultra Knight was born from Wizard and her consort Consort.. In an act of swearing utter loyalty and faith, Ultra Knight executed Consort the Consort of Wizard and feasted off their power. From this day forward Ultra Knight became a drinker in the powers of others and a vanquisher of mass hordes.

However, one day, in a seemingly impossible act, Ultra Knight's greed in Conquest lead to him being defeated and killed by Guardians. This prompted Wizard into swearing revenge with the aid of Xivu to obliterate the lightborn. All was not lost, however, as Ultra Knight would eventually be resurrected and rejoin his mother's crusade.


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

During the events of Paradox, and the arrivals of Kirito and Asuna, the Shadowkeepers, Shadow Army, and Supplicants began sowing chaos amongst the many factions of the Sol System, gaining the attention of Ultra Knight and Wizard and their armies. Delighted upon hearing about their assault on Auradon, they pledged loyalty to them and the Shadow Swarm, led by her prodigy Zharves. Since then, his mother led the Hive across various dimensions and helped enthrall unsuspecting Guardians into Wrathborn while he would set up countless booths that sold Kirito and Asuna body pillows.

Note from the Author[edit]

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