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The Reveal

Other name(s):

The Sarkian Goverment






Rule Sarkis


Shadow Conquest


The Chorus †
The Judgment
The Revenge (Post-Shadow Conquest)

Notable information:

Destroyed the Akinoks
Exiled The Hunt


The Reveal is a Government of the Creatures native to Sarkis. All of them have a name relating to what they do i.e The Hunt.


Early History[edit]

"Intelligent Species of Sarkis! I am glad to say, that today, we are officially United. Let us put simple names behind. You may call me the Chorus! For I will be our center! Let us rejoice!"
— The Chorus

The beginnings of the reveal were when all of the intelligent species of Sarkis combined, not much else is known.

Rise of a Prince[edit]

When The Chorus’s son was born many questioned what to name him. The Chorus thought long and hard. He decided that he shall be named The Hunt, as he will hunt for peace and prosperity. The Hunt had many teachers when he was young, his favorite was The Wisdom, a kind and smart tutor. The Wisdom told of many different species such as the Erikan, a dangerous serpent who plagued the air of another planet. The Wisdom also secretly taught The Hunt of his fathers flaws. His father was malicious towards thoughts who wronged his species but was lenient on punishments of those who had wronged other species. The Hunt took to dueling, enjoying the sport and becoming an expert at it. He was an excellent swordsman. His main friends were The Elite, The Harvest, The Plan, The Secret, The Quick. They formed a crew, calling themselves The Duelists. The Chorus’ rule kept getting worse, The Hunt witnessed him go from a good ruler, to a tyrant. He needed to end it. He challenged his own father a duel to the death. His father never cared much about The Hunt and laughed at him as he declined. However The Hunt knew he needed to die. He impaled his father on his blade, ending the tyrant.

Shadow Conquest[edit]

"Even after my “Exile”, my kingdoms history continued."
— The Hunt

The Judgment exiled The Hunt and The Harvest for the murder of The Chorus. The Judgment was The Chorus’ criminal Ally and member of the council as well as the judge of their government.


Known Kings[edit]

The Chorus †

Known Princes[edit]

The Hunt
The Revenge(Post-Shadow Conquest)

Council Members[edit]

The Law
The Judgement
The Harvest (Formerly)
Six other unnamed Councilmen

Other Members[edit]

The Hope
The Anger
The Harmony
The Resentment