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Teziiqa, Reverent of the Witness
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Airy’s Taken



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Tormentor Scythe


Null Paroxsym
Void Suppression
Abyssal Cleave
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Dark Harvest
Taken Overshield
Summon Taken


Teziiqa, Reverent of the Witness is an Ultra Tormentor encountered in the Intrusion Mission of Season of Salvation. They would be seen leading the Taken infestation of The Nine’s realm, only to be slain by The Guardian.


After clearing out the initial area of Taken and traversing further into the beginning section of Eternity, Teziiqa will spawn in as another wave of Taken appear and begin approaching the player. Due to being an Ultra, Teziiqa is immune to the weaknesses that most Tormentors face: Freezing and Suspension. After getting depleting its first bar of health, Teziiqa will acquire a Taken overshield as two Taken Wizards called Shield Burdens will spawn in. The player will need to defeat these Wizards in order to drop the Tormentor’s overshield. Once done, Teziiqa will enter its rage state. Rinse and repeat once you deplete their second bar, and after taking down the final overshield Teziiqa will finally be able to be killed.

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