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Tariks, Lion Baron was a Fallen Baron from the House of Lions, and was most notable for competing to become the new Kell of Lions after the death of Yorvik, their previous Kell. Tariks was known for being one of Yorvik's best subordinates during the Gray Wars and assisted in the Lions' battles against the House of Sky, when Yorvik perished by an ambush from a Fallen Sky ambush, Tariks became a notable contender for Kellship, alongside Skrisah, the Wise and Skevsis, the Prowling. But while Skrisah wasn't much a threat to Tariks, Skevsis on the other hand became Tariks' most notable rival over the throne, even to the point of the two fighting over control of the Andiks line of Servitors.

This would lead to Skevsis attempting to assassinating Tariks, as He would secretly deploy House of Sky forces under his influence to ambush the Baron, which succeeded, cornering Tariks and destroying his Ketch and fleet, leaving Skevsis with a large gain for the throne.

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