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Sol Inherent


Study, repurpose, and overcome the Light and Darkness.


Transcendent Mind, Sol Inherent
Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
Deified Mind, Sol Inherent
Fervent Mind, Sol Inherent


Season of the Undying
Season of Dawn


The Sol Inherent are a Vex sub-routine of the Sol Divisive and are responsible for shaping the future of the Vex as a whole through the study and incorporation of the Light and Darkness, as well as plotting their eventual elimination. Distinguishable by their floral, gnarled frames, they are armed with the best of the Vex arsenal and bear better tech.


  • TBA

Notable Axis Minds[edit]

Command Structure[edit]

    • Blessed Harpy
    • Blessed Fanatic
    • Blessed Goblin
    • Blessed Hobgoblin
    • Blessed Minotaur
    • Blessed Hydra
    • Blessed Cyclops