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Skrisah, the Wise
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Skrisah, the Wise was a Fallen noble from the House of Lions, and was most notable for competing to becoming the Kell of Lions after the death of Yorvik, their previous Kell.


Skrisah is one of the oldest members of the House of Lions, alongside Yorvik, the Kell of Lions. Skrisah became renowned for her knowledge and wisdom amongst her fellow members, earning the moniker and had a infamy with her people's culture and history, protecting them and preserving them for many years, as well studying in her spare time with the assistance of her High Servitor, Mecher Jobiks-43, whom stored large amounts of information regarding the Eliksni's culture. Skrisah didn't had much of a part within the Gray Wars, preferring to assist in defending the Lions from attacks coming from the House of Sky. But she would have a major role for contending over the Kellship after the death of Yorvik, fighting against Tarviks, Lion Baron and Skevsis, the Prowling. But she wasn't much of a threat against the two competitors and later secured command over the Jobiks line of Servitors, although it wouldn't be much of success as Tariks and Skevsis claimed control most of the Andiks line, which were more useful than the Jobiks line.

After the death of Tariks, Skrisah would slowly gain prominence within her House, due to her beliefs and views of her House, gaining the attention of Skevsis as he now begin to see her as a threat for his chances over the throne. Leading to Skevsis' forces cornering the noble and her fleet, ensuing in a highly tense battle but ending in the destruction of Skrisah's fleet and her death. In the aftermath, Joskaa, the Open-Minded and his crew salvaged the remains of Skrisah's ships in hopes of finding her or her items, but would the only survivors in the battle was Mecher Jobiks-43, and a few relics belonging to her.


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