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Semkis-15, Splicer Servitor
Biographical information




Jackal Splicers


High Servitor



Combat information


Ground Zero


Summon Splicers
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Solar Eye Blasts
Servitor Melee
SIVA Empowerment
Summon SIVA Node
Servitor's Grasp
Servitor Shield
Artillery Bombardment


"No. It can't be. But, I thought... never mind, destroy that abomination, now!"
Skorvik at the sight of the Servitor's infection.

Semkis-15, Splicer Servitor is a massive Jackal Splicer Servitor seen in the Ground Zero mission for the Season of Pestilence. First seen in an infected and overgrown Maevic Square, it attacks The Guardian investigating the European Corruption Zone, calling support from the SIVA-hijacked Artillery stations on the other side of town and demonstrating its Power, strengthening it's infected peers. Once close to death, it regenerates its health and traps The Guardian in order to finish them off. However, the Servitor would be killed by Aliskis from another building nearby.

List of Appearances[edit]