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Seize the throne of the Cabal Empire
Conquer worlds under their rule
Eliminate potential rivals to their authority


Dux Hunns
Primus Zo'aurc Primus Jauran
Primus Tao'lee
Wizen, Constellational Overseer


Regis Mons
Firebase Horus
Firebase Set


Uranus orbit

At war with:

Shadow Legion
Red Legion
Imperial Cabal


The Partisans are the devoted supporters and followers of the Cabal commander and great rival to Emperor Calus, Dux Hunns.

The faction rose up in competition against the quickly growing regime of Emperor Calus, but unfortunately for them they were soon exiled from Torobatl following their loss within the War of the Cabal Succession, however despite their failure the Partisans would slowly begin to grow into an even greater power within the universe, conquering many worlds they would encounter on their path and plotting their inevitable return to the Empire.



A long time ago among the many stars and galaxies lived a world that went by the name of Fantor, a world that for millennia have been living under the colonial rule of the great Cabal, an empire that has conquered millions. It was a typical day among Fantor, cities constantly crowded with civilians almost as no one ever rests, while out in the suburbs the people set up their own farms harvesting and hunting for food.

Upon the most wealthy and noble was a man who sat upon his high seat, sipping his glistering cup of opulence, watching the outside as his servants kept his domain in order, the man’s name was Hunns. Hunns would call one of his most dearest and oldest servants over and ordered them to have a drink with him and tell stories of their home, Brand, which the servant would gladly do.

Afterwards, Hunns would go out to his balcony for fresh air where conveniently an announcement would be held, an announcement that seemed really urgent. The speaker would stand beyond the crowd and shout the shocking news that the Empress of the Cabal Empire herself committed suicide.

The news was shocking indeed however the people didn’t really pay the information regarding the Empress’s death that much attention as they were more concerned regarding her successor, the Prince-Designate Calus due to his discovered aspirations of wanting to overthrow the Praetorate which was quite a controversial decision, and some including Hunns himself just didn’t view him as one who would be a good leader.

Hunns would see Calus as an arrogant fool who would eventually lead the empire into ruins, and so he and his closest men would devise an idea. Hunns would look within his ancestry and discover his descendants to a son of a very past Emperor of a dynasty that collapsed a little before that of Calus’ giving him an actually legitimate claim to the Cabal throne. However before Hunns would make his grand act, he would wait for the perfect time.

As Calus and his army began their overthrow of the Praetorate, Hunns began secretly building an army of his own. And when the time was right, Hunns would stand upon a stadium in front of a huge crowd, declaring himself the rightful ruler of the Cabal Empire. After his speech, the people of Fantor would let out a cheer as the army he secretly have been crafting fires into the sky and drops down banners of their own, solidifying the birth of Hunns’ rule and the official birth of the Partisans.

Unfortunately for the Partisans, it wouldn’t take long for Calus and his regime to find out, as they would immediately attempt to stomp out this “rebellion” they titled it, however the Partisans expected their eventual arrival and made sure they were prepared for the might of the wrathful and glutinous Emperor.

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