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Corridors of Time Part 2


Into the Void

Into the Dark


Season of the Relentless




Dreaming City, Reef


Investigate a new and strange Taken source in the Dreaming City

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Into the Void is the fortieth Story mission of Destiny 2 and the first story mission of the Season of the Relentless.




The player enter into the Throne room of Lionship Andax-Fel, where Joskaa, Lion Kell is waiting for them.

  • GHOST: We came as soon, as we can. What's going on? What do you need from us?
  • JOSKAA: I didn't call you for something I want...but something he wants.
  • GHOST: Who?

The door open behind from them, and a Warlock appears.

  • GHOST: Yes...
  • AJ: Well, I have found a way to stop it.

The throne rooms go quiet. With some whispers and purrs from the Lions, in the room.

  • GHOST: How?
  • AJ: The source of this, lies deep within the City. It's a disciple of Quria, a Taken Hydra, that caused this Time loop. If we destroy it, the Time loop will end. And the Dreaming City will no longer be Taken.
  • GHOST:Why are we in this?
  • AJ: Because it can only be destroyed by a Wielder with the most powerful and purest Light, which you have.
  • GHOST: Let's hope your right about this...


The Guardian spawn in this area where Kalli was fought.

  • AJ: Guardian, the corruption is deep below where you faced Riven. End it.

The player heads in the same way as of the Last Wish Walkthrough, without any bosses, but faced many Taken, left over from the Raid, but killing them all the same.

  • AJ: Careful, the Taken from your battle with Riven, still hold this place with ferocity.

The player then, heads into the Keep of Voices, where a massive Blight sits, where Morgeth, the Spirekeeper formerly operates at.

  • AJ: Wait, that blight has strange energy matches the source, I have spoken about.
  • GHOST: Could that be it?
  • AJ: Check it.

The blight then began to take shape, and becomes: Tal'urn, Fist of Apithalos, a Taken Incendior.

  • GHOST: Watch out!

The player defends himself from Tal'urn and kills it.

  • AJ:I just checked, it had a similar energy reading, but it's powerful, as the one, you're about to face.
  • GHOST: Really, you're telling me this, thing is more powerful then we just faced?, great...

The player transverse deeper into the Keep, into the The Queenswalk, where a Taken Hydra, Apithalos, Thane of Quria, currently lurks below.

  • AJ: There!, that's the one your suppose to kill. Do it now!

The player face the Monster, that is supported with it's Taken backup. Despite it's usage of blights and swarming Taken, The player kills Apithalos.

  • GHOST: (panting) There!, the killed.
  • AJ: Now with this gone, Quria no longer...
  • GHOST: Wait, something is wrong with it.

The blight, from Apithalos' death, then splits into multiple Ultra Taken Captains, Wizards, Minotaurs, Phalanxes, and Ogres.

  • GHOST: He just multiplied!

The player tries to fend off from the attackers, but they escape into the Sol System.

  • GHOST: Um, AJ, you might need to come down here...

{Mission ends}