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H7-38 Beta
Biographical information




Golden Age


The Collapse


Sentient Robot


Programmed Male



Eye color:

Right Blue
Left Orange

Political and military information


The Last City


Defender of the Last City
Occasional Assasin



Service number:


Notable info:

Discovered The Hezen Enforcive
Killed Valus Tro'Gunth
First sentient robot



H7-38 Beta is the first completely sentient robot made by House Bray. Beta is a... Beta of the true plan to create the perfect robot until the Collapse where House Bray disappeared and Beta was killed while defending humanity from the Darkness until he was killed by A dark force unrelated to the Collapse. Beta was out of commission until Hera Sern discovered him is a wreckage outside of the City and brought him to Banshee-44 who upgraded him to become a defender of Humanity. H7 is shy, doesn't like contact, and usually can hold entire fronts by himself via his technology. Once he was upgraded by Banshee, he could equip a helmet that can give him pretty much aimbot. His blaster can down most enemies even heavily armored Centurions. But he's not seen on the front often because of one flaw, he's not immortal. If the enemy gets a good shot in, he will be put down easier than any Guardian. In fact, that's how he was killed during the collapse. But it's not like he doesn't see the enemies behind him, his find core can't process more than a few things at a time as such, he's used for assassination missions and defenses.