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Fenchurch Everis
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Fenchurch Everis is a Guardian of the Last City and the uncle of Tess Everis. Described as "exuberant", Fenchurch is a renowned collector of curiosities and treasures. He assisted his niece in establishing the Eververse Trading Company, and provides her with a number of wares to sell.[2] He also recently joined up with the Specters, a group of spies and assassins who bear no loyalties.


Fenchurch was revived in the wastelands of Mars, with only a single Silver coin in his possession. These coins can bear the digital signatures of specific individuals. As it happened, Fenchurch's coin matched the signature belonging to Tess Everis, leading her to believe that Fenchurch was a relative. Having no memory prior to his revival, he could not confirm her suspicions, but decided to adopt the Everis family name anyway.

After being exiled from the Tower by the Vanguard for instigating an unknown incident that provoked the ire of Commander Zavala, Fenchurch Everis spent years exploring the Solar System. He has traveled to Jupiter, taken on the guise of a Fallen Captain (much to the anxiety of his Ghost, Neville), and discovered a post-Collapse tribe of humans on Earth who communicated solely by gestures. On one occasion, he crashed his jumpship in an uninhabited region of Mars and had to use spare Sparrow parts to build a new one.[2]

He joined the Hidden one year after the Red War had occured and learned that the communications the Guardian had received from Truth to Power were filled with lies. He showed evidence through photographs of Eris Morn prior to her ascension as a Guardian and conversations with Rasputin and another AI showing no evidence of Medusa being created. He was involved in an operation with Eris Morn and Mara Sov regarding an artifact on Luna. He gained symptoms from interacting with the artifact, including headaches and hallucinations, before being detained and quarantined to improve these symptoms.

He later contacted the Guardian about the nature of Revision Zero after they received an original copy from the Exo frame aboard the H.E.L.M. upon discovering its blueprint on the Seraph orbital facility. He requested that the Guardian take the weapon pattern of Revision Zero to The Enclave on Mars. Upon the shaping of a new copy of Revision Zero, the Guardian learned from Fenchurch that the weapon is the combination of Häkke and Pyramid technologies and that it is the first weapon capable of changing its Exotic traits and catalysts by reshaping it through Deepsight Resonance at the Relic.

Joining the Specters[edit]

"Welcome to the Specters, the Vanguards rules don’t apply here"


Fenchurch gives bounties for Engrams

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