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Destiny 2



Recommended Power Level:




  • Eliminate the Taken
  • Defeat Mulgathoor, Enforcer of Zuulk
  • Breach the Ascendant Realm
  • Purge the Altar
  • Defeat Yarikn, Priest of Zuulk
  • Find Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
  • Slay Zuulk, Blight-Shaper

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"Stop Zuulk, Blight-Shaper before he can perfect a dark craft."
— In game description

Blight-Shaper is a Strike where Guardians must hunt down Zuulk, Blight-Shaper, a half-Taken, half-Bannertorn Centurion before he can utilize Taken created by his personal Blight. Guardians must track him to a remote end of the Ascendant Realm in the Dreaming City, pushing through Hive and Taken loyal only to him. They kill him just after he attempts to create Taken using his Blights, therefore saving the Dreaming City from another Taken problem.


  • Scorn (Uncommon)
  • Hive
    • Melkrix, the Infected-Blighted Knight
  • Taken
    • Krashii, Servant of Zuulk-Taken Wizard
    • Mulgathoor, Enforcer of Zuulk-Taken Knight
    • Yarikn, Priest of Zuulk-Taken Chimera
    • Wanted: Haaluk, the Insubordinate-Taken Phalanx
    • Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
      • Zahn, Projection of Greed-Taken Centurion
      • Ghaul, Projection of Envy-Taken Centurion
      • Thumos, Projection of Wrath-Taken Centurion
      • Mau'ual, Projection of Combat-Taken Phalanx
      • Tlu'urn, Projection of Cunning-Taken Phalanx
      • Kolar, Projection of Lightning-Taken Psion
      • Vatch, Projection of Flame-Taken Psion
      • Numoc, Projection of Nothing-Taken Psion


Eliminate the Taken
Eliminate all Hostiles
Defeat Mulgathoor, Enforcer of Zuulk
Slay Mulgathoor's Disciples to damage her
Breach the Ascendant Realm
Find Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
Purge the Altar
Halt the Ritual to progress
Defeat Yarikn, Priest of Zuulk
Slay Yarikn, Priest of Zuulk to progress
Find Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
Stop Zuulk from perfecting a dark sorcery
Slay Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
Slay Zuulk, Blight-Shaper