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Blades of the Exiled




Jolkris, Exiled Prince
Ze Erâh, Beloved by Jolkris
Morma, Heart of Jolkris
Julnak, Fist of Jolkris
Elnuk, Word of Jolkris
Vision of Jolkris
Ezathra, Swarm Mother
Son of Ze Erâh


Cosmodrome (formerly)
The Plaguelands (formerly)
California (currently)


The Blades of the Exiled is a Hive splinter Brood that broke away from Oryx and his Broods. They had nests littered all over the Cosmodrome.


The Blades of the Exiled were formed at some point within the depths of the Dreadnaught, originating by a Love pact between two members of The Silent Brood known as Jolkris and Ze Erâh, which involved a dangerous ritual that was seen as heresy to the Hive. Which led the two and their families to be labeled as heretics by the Court of Oryx and casted out from their Brood. This led to Jolkris to call out against Oryx along with the structure of The Sword Logic. He would began to bring other Hive to his ideas and formed the Brood. However they were quickly attacked by a Echo of Oryx sent by the Taken King himself which the forced the Blades into hiding.

Recent Events[edit]

Rise of Iron[edit]

Fall of the Prince[edit]

Red War[edit]


Leaders and Generals[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

  • Might of Jolkris
  • Sorag, Hammer of Jolkris
  • Norkarg, Hated by Oryx
  • Tornaa, Messenger of Xivu
  • Keragh, Spear of Jolkris
  • Vision of Jolkris
  • Dornema, Hand of the Spear
  • Zalwûr, Hand of the Spear
  • Burden of Oryx
  • Toraa, Vassal to Jolkris
  • Feargoth, Breath of Ze Erâh
  • Bulgauluth, Student of the Spear
  • Morgolth, Torment to Oryx
  • Megrath, Outcast
  • Korbahgrish, Protector of the Ritual
  • Sormaa, Disdained by Oryx
  • Mormug, Forgotten by Oryx
  • Dorig, Hand of Jolkris

Unique Forces[edit]


  • It's possible that the Bane of Oryx used to be part of The Silent Brood, as it's leaders were former members of that Brood.

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