Divine Fragmentation

Divine Fragmentation
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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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Recover an ancient relic of Darkness from the Black Garden.




Divine Fragmentation is an exotic quest from Shadowkeep that is part of the Garden of Salvation raid.[1] Players will acquire this quest after defeating Zeteon, Redemptive Mind at the Vex gate situated within the Lunar Battlegrounds on the Moon. Completion of the quest were reward Guardians with the exotic Trace Rifle: Divinity.


1. What's This... What's This?Edit

"We found this on the corpse of that Vex Minotaur on the Moon. It's a core of some kind. Definitely Vex made... but I can't verify exactly what, when, where... or why. We could find the information we need by tapping into a Vex construct, but there are none on the Moon..."
  • Vex Core analyzed: 3


This quest step is completed by scanning Vex Cores in three Lost Sectors on Nessus: one in The Orrery, one in The Conflux, and one in Ancient's Haunt. These cores look similar to shiny white cubes, and the player has to interact with each twice, defeating some enemies it spawns after the first attempt to scan it. Clearing the Lost Sectors is not necessary.

2. DefragmentationEdit

"I had to dig deep into encrypted Vex data to find anything regarding the core. I didn't find much—only that it's designed for decryption of something and that its origin lies with the Sol Divisive Vex. I couldn't learn anything further. It's broken and its data is largely corrupted. We might be able to repair it if we had access to Sol Divisive parts."
— Ghost
  • Decryption Core repaired: 120


Decryption Core Fragments are dropped from defeated Sol Divisive Vex, which can be primarily found either on the Moon or in the Garden of Salvation raid.

3. Core of NightmaresEdit

"The Decryption Core is mended, but remains inactive. I was able to mine it for further data, and there are segments of data in a language I'm unable to decipher. Let me see if I can define its resonant energy pattern—wait, what? That's the same energy that pulsates from the Nightmare Essences. The energy signature is weak, but we should have the means to empower it."
— Ghost
  • Core empowered


Players must acquire the Empowered Decryption Core quest item from the Lectern of Enchantment for 30 Phantasmal Fragments.

4. Key to DivinityEdit

"I've fully analyzed the Decryption Core now that we've empowered it. There's a ton more data in here-but again, I don't understand most of its language. I was able to extract some key information, sporadic words here and there. 'Garden... Defenses... Guardians...' I haven't made complete sense of it yet, but there's only one Garden I know of associated with the Sol Divisive."
— Ghost


This quest step is progressed by solving seven tethering puzzles in the Garden of Salvation raid. These puzzles can be completed only in a full raid group, the raid has to be completed as the fireteam solves them, and it must be done in one sitting. The players without this quest can participate in solving the puzzles, but they will not get any reward.

After entering the portal on the Moon during the start of the raid, players must turn around and jump off the platform they are standing to reach the secret tunnel under the Raid entrance. This room will have a receiver for the Empowered Decryption Core. Players must scan the node to initiate the first puzzle. Doing so will prompt a the message "INITIATED: Security Bypass protocol."

First PuzzleEdit

The first puzzle is in the staircase before the first encounter. When going up the stairs, players will find two holes they will need to enter. The hole on the left side contains a Tether Mechanism. Shooting it will tether players to it and their fellow guardians. The objective is to use players to chain the tether on the left side to the node in the hole on the right side. In a fireteam of 6, players must split into two groups (3 players per side) to chain the tether across. Doing so successfully will prompt a text that reads "ACCEPTED: Singular security bypass." Players may then continue onward to the first encounter.

Second PuzzleEdit

The second puzzle is located after the first encounter. After the encounter is complete, players must turn around and locate a tree with pink foliage. Under the tree is the entrance to a cave containing both the Tether Mechanism and the ending node. A fireteam of 6 players must disperse themselves so that the tether can pass through the circular holes and return to the ending node in the cave where the Tether Mechanism was activated. Doing so successfully will prompt a message that reads "ACCEPTED: Singular security bypass." Players may then continue to the third puzzle.

Third PuzzleEdit

The third puzzle will take place in a large interior space that has lots of tree branches, plants that create platforms for you to navigate, and glowing flora. This is one of the easiest ones to accomplish. Players must position themselves accordingly around the tree branches and plant platforms to run the tether through the Vex nodes and complete the puzzle, which will prompt a message that reads "ACCEPTED: Singular security bypass." if completed successfully.

Fourth PuzzleEdit

The fourth and fifth puzzles occur very near each other. Players will find the next puzzle In the circular room where the next raid encounter takes place. This one is fairly simple as well and can be completed similarly to the last.

Fifth PuzzleEdit

The fifth puzzle will require careful navigation while maintaining the tether. Players must be completely tether to each other via the circular encounter room and stick close together. Proceed to the rotating circular exit point of the room which will be the path forward to the rest of the raid. Across the way, while maintaining the tether, players need to coordinate through group platforming as a team to keep the tether alive and connect through these nodes. For this one, players have each other stand right on top of each node.

Sixth PuzzleEdit

Once players have reached near the end of the raid there will be a small interior area with Vex radiolaria on the ground. Inside there will be a Vex cube to shoot and players will need to stand in essentially a straight line along the radiolarian flow. Hidden up in the ceiling near the wall is the node required to tether to and complete the sixth puzzle.

Final PuzzleEdit

Near the sixth puzzle lies the seventh and last puzzle of the raid, while arguably being the hardest to complete. Drop down the adjacent alcove to find six plates with what look like holograms. Players will need to swiftly move around the plates to complete several different patterns connecting the Vex cube to the node at the opposite ends of the plates. Before initiating the puzzle, assign numbers to the plates to have one player lead with callouts for every other player. Be patient with each other and communicate to complete this tough puzzle with your team. Doing so successfully will prompt a message that reads "ACCEPTED: All security bypassed."

Once all seven puzzles are completed, the Empowered Decryption Core will unlock a secret chest that spawns at the end of the raid; awarding players Divinity and completing the quest.



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