Closer to the Heart

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Final Words


Mission: Meteoric (Episodes)

Closer to the Garden


Season of the Wish




Black Garden


Return to the Black Garden to stop the Witness's forces from interfering with our efforts to reach schism.

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Closer to the Heart is the final mission of Season of the Wish.


  • Find the Heart
  • Destroy Vex Gateways
    • Gateways destroyed
      • X of 6
  • Defeat the Remaining Vex
  • Explore the Garden
  • Defeat the Withdrawn Mind
  • Annihilate the Vex
  • Defeat the Temporal Progeny


Mission begins

Osiris: The errant signal is not far ahead

Osiris: Keep your wits about you. Whatever it is, the Sol Divisive are using to entangle in our work…

Osiris: It is a power not to be trifled with.

Beginning their search for this disturbance, the Guardian defeats Vex platforms being summoned from Vex gates. They traverse across further into the Garden, defeating hordes of Taken, and eventually arriving at the Overland. Swarms of Vex then begin to come fourth from six different gates. Upon destroying the gates and the remaining Vex units, the Guardian steps into a Vex gateway that takes them to the Gateway Crossroads.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Vex forces led by the Withdrawn Mind emerge to confront the Guardian. After defeating those Vex units, the Guardian destroys two nodes to destroy the shield blocking the way. Arriving at the Garden's Heart, the Guardian horrifying discovers the resurgent Black Heart, with the Vex kneeling before their deity.

Osiris: Impossible…

Osiris: The Black Heart. Destroy this Abomination!

The Guardian defeats the Vex, causing the Black Heart to respond by summoning fourth it’s vessels the Temporal Progeny: consisting of the Established, Inevitable, and Synchronal Minds. Despite the powers of these Minotaurs and the overwhelming number of Vex units, the Guardian succeeds in destroying the Temporal Progeny, resulting in the Black Heart's destruction once again.

Osiris: The Black Heart was a failed copy of the Veil. Imperfect, but potent nonetheless. This was a simulation of their prior effort.

Osiris: The Sol Divisive must have been using it to bond their collective with the Darkness.

Osiris: They broadcast that connection, harmonized its frequency with the Veil, in order to take its place and shut us out.

Osiris: They could not have managed this feat without guidance from the Witness. And now, you have seen to it that they will not disrupt us again.

{End Mission:Closer to the Heart}


Vex - Sol Divisive