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Players will start in the room where Phogoth was killed. Malok will be standing on the other side, but for a brief moment. He will summon minions to his aid and then teleport to the Shrine of Oryx. There will be a door on the upper platform with three locks that can only be unlocked with Tomb Husks, which will appear after each wave of enemies. As they make their way to the Shrine, they will have to destroy Taken Blights and the troops they spawn.

Once in the Shrine, there will be a group of Taken Acolytes protecting it. Kill them all and then Malok will spawn. Like most Knights, he is armed a Hive Boomer that he uses to hammer the player with long-distance explosive attacks, and any Guardian that gets too close will trigger his "Fist of Darkness ability", in which he slams his fist on the ground to create a gigantic shockwave that will instantly kill them. Malok's mere presence covers the floor in a dark mist that casts the "Shadow Touched" debuff, which disables Guardians' recovery and agility. The only way to create safe spots is to destroy the Blights that he summons throughout the fight, as it will also lessen the amount of minions spawned on the battlefield at any given time. After sustaining enough damage, Malok drops his Boomer and starts to change his tactics.

Malok will then begin to fire a barrage of Solar projectiles that create a lingering flame spot, an ability typical of Taken Knights. These projectiles naturally have a very long reach and should be avoided. Soon after his health reaches another threshold, he will fire Axion Darts in clusters of four. Should they all manage to home in on their target(s), they will quickly wipe out a three-Guardian fireteam. The "Shadow Touched" debuff will make avoiding these far-ranged attacks all the more difficult, so destroying the Taken Blights will make this fight easier to manage.